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Business Directories

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Unit 1 - Task 1 Business Directory Sainsburys Purpose Sainsburys is the longest running food supplying chain in England. They also have interests in financial services. Sainsburys' goal is to provide nothing other than serving the customers and to bring a steady income to the shareholders. The main objective is to deliver an ever-improving quality of shopping to the consumer. Size Sainsburys has a large amount of retail stores in England, and has a retail bank that has a partnership with The Bank of Scotland. With just over eight hundred stores they have a big chunk of the market share, with 15.9% they are the third largest supermarket behind Tesco (31.5%) and Asda (16.8%). Ownership Sainsburys is a public limited company; this means that you can buy shares in the company on the stock market. At the moment there are 6 major shareholders; Qatar LLC, Lord Sainsbury of Turville, Tchenguiz discretionary trust, legal and general group Plc and Credit Agricole Cheuvreux international ltd. Scale Sainsburys is a national company with over 800 stores in Great Britain; they also have various other subsidiaries; Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd and Sainsbury's Convenience Stores Ltd. Reading Buses Purpose Reading buses purpose is to make public transport in Reading easier, more comfortable and safer. ...read more.


Cadbury Purpose Cadbury's main goal is to make well made confectionary and sweets. They are also dedicated to bring in a stable income to their share holders. They also want to make sure that you enjoy their products, so you buy more off of them and they make a larger profit. Size Cadbury is the biggest confectionary company in the world and has a huge amount of suppliers; there are 35,000 indirect supplies across the globe. They employ only around 70,000 people worldwide as most of the work is done by machinery. Ownership Cadbury is a public limited company and has a board of directors consisting of 3 executive directors and 8 non-executive directors. As a public limited company it is open to public investment, and shares of the company are sold on the stock market. Scale Cadbury is an international company as it operates in nearly every country in the world. Cadbury has supplies and outlets around the world, they have several different named brands under their ownership, this all adds up to a huge frontage where they can potentially make huge amounts of money. Tesco Purpose Tesco is the largest employer in the UK, and is also the largest supermarket in the UK. Worldwide, Tesco employs over 360,000 people each year. ...read more.


focus on anything Purpose Sainsburys are aiming to sell almost every food product where as Cadbury specialize in chocolate Size Cadbury is a bigger more international company then Sainsburys but Sainsburys is almost entirely based in the UK Ownership Apart from it being owned by different people their both publicly limited companies Scale Cadbury covers most countries in the world while Sainsbury's focuses on Britain Location Cadbury works in more countries than Sainsburys Cadbury and Sainsburys Glossary Purpose Purpose in its most general sense is the anticipated aim, which guides action. It is used as the synonym of goal and objective. For example the goal of Barclays is to provide small businesses with direction on where to go next Size How big the company is. For example Barclays operates in over 50 different countries while Sainsburys only operates in UK Ownership Ownership is the state or fact of exclusive rights and control over property, e.g. Richard Branson owns virgin, and virgin is a PLC. Scale How a company uses it size, Barclay's uses its bulk to provide help to smaller company's that need help. Stock Market A place where stock is traded e.g. Wall Street. MEDC More economically developed country like the UK. PLC Public Limited Company - owned by shareholders. E.g. Virgin. ...read more.

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