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Business Strand B

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Customer Service Customer service (also known as Client Service) is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase of goods or services. Includes advice, assistance, range of goods, quality of goods and after sales care. What customers expect from a business - examples of good customer service Why are customers important? Customers are important because they provide the main source of income. Happy customers "promote" the business and also repeat business. If a customer is unhappy then they will tell others that the business is bad and then you lose potential customers. Who are the NIC customers? The NIC'S customers are mainly ice skaters, Panthers Ice Hockey team fans, Professional skaters and concert viewers. They are important because they bring in the most income for the NIC . What does the NIC offer to their customers? The NIC offer disabled access and seating, 2 rinks for professional and non professional skaters, Choice of shows and a wide range of food and good facilities. I am now going to consider the 3 main groups of customers in greater detail and say what they expect in terms of service, whether those expectations are met and improvements the NIC could make: The Nottingham Panthers: The Panthers expect the changing facilities to be clean, for there to be Lockers and Clothes hooks for them to hang their clothes. They expect showers, storage space, clean toilets and medical attention if they need it. A lot of these expectations are met as they do have clean changing facilities and there is lockers and hooks in there for them to store their clothes/bags. They could improve the stadium for the Panthers by getting better parking for them. The Concert viewers: Concert viewers expect to have a good view of the concert cheap tickets and for there to be good facilities and good quality food for them. ...read more.


Note also: * The buyer can accept a replacement, but can also insist on a refund if a replacement is not wanted * The buyer does not have to accept a credit note for spending on other purchases * A shop is not entitled to put up a notice saying No Refunds given. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 The sale of Goods and Services Act protects the consumer when a service is provided by a business. This Act states that anyone who supplies a service - a haircut, a train journey, a holiday - must carry out the work * With 'reasonable' care and skill * Within a 'reasonable' time * At a 'reasonable' price The problem is, how do you decide what 'reasonable' is? Does a train have to arrive on time or just the same day? Does it matter if the holiday apartment is next to a building site? The consumer is helped by standards laid down by various bodies: Trade Associations, professional bodies which keep an eye on public services. Many service businesses that believe in customer care - railway companies, for example, operate compensation schemes when services standards are not reached. Data Protection Act 1998 The Data Protection Act regulates the use of personal information held by organisations on computer file and on paper records. Every time a consumer fills in a form from business and gives personal details, you can be sure that the information will be used for marketing purposes. The problem for the consumer about information held is that: * It may be incorrect and misleading * It may be passed to other organisations without the consumer knowing The Act requires that the information be kept securely and confidentially and that the 'subject' can have access to it, for a fee. Consumer Protection Act 1987 The Consumer Protection Act makes it a criminal offence to supply unsafe goods. ...read more.


They have the correct number of fire exits (they had to add another when they expanded the main arena), and ensure that the exits are kept clear at all times. During concerts, security makes sure that people are in the right place and exits are clear. They will guide people out safely if needed. They also have plenty of the appropriate fire extinguishers accessible in the building, including specific ones for kitchen fires etc. The NIC have carried out a risk assessment for its main activities. For example, for ice hockey there was a risk that the puck could fly off the ice into the audience. To stop this risk they have had Plexi glass put in place and there is netting behind the goal to catch the puck. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 The NIC complies with the supply of goods act by selling their products at a "reasonable time", as their shops that sell the products are open when the Ice Stadium is they also have staff that work with "reasonable care and skill" when selling these products and finally the products are sold at a "reasonable price" Sale of goods Act 1979 The NIC sell their goods: * 'As Described' * 'Of satisfactory quality' * 'Fit for the purpose they are intended' 1 Consumer Protection Act 1987 The NIC have: * Safety criteria for goods that are sold * Goods are Kite marked * Goods like ice skates and pads are tested I will now evaluate how the NIC succeeds in implementing consumer protection legislation From doing the work above I believe that the NIC does succeed in implementing consumer protection very well because all of the laws are covered by some procedure at the NIC. As you can see the NIC does a lot for health and safety and it seems to be well covered. From looking at the work above I cannot see any improvements the NIC could do. business coursework Wakas Masood business coursework Wakas Masood ...read more.

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