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Business Studies Marketing Plan

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Business Studies Marketing Plan NetLink Done by: Sharjil A. Hannan 10 DD Table of Contents 1. What is NetLink 2. Aims and Objectives 3. Marketing Audit 4. SWOT Analysis 5. Marketing Strategy * Product * Price * Promotion * Place (Distribution) 6. Conclusion and Evaluation What is NetLink My marketing plan is on an Internet Service Provider (ISP) called 'NetLink'. It will provide a range of services for dial-up internet. NetLink internet service will only be provided in Oman. Aims & Objectives * The primary aim of NetLink will be to provide high quality internet service to its customers. * To promote NetLink through a range of schemes to create awareness and encourage consumers to buy the service. * To run NetLink legally and abide by all laws of the Oman Government. * To distribute NetLink in a wide scale so that people can gain access to internet even in the remote areas. * NetLink will also aim to gain 20% market share in the first year. * To grow as a business and launch NetLink in other countries (i.e. the Gulf and other states of the Middle East) ...read more.


* COMPETITION - Omantel and DirecWay - These two businesses are the main threats for NetLink - They will try to compete with NetLink to keep hold of their market share. - They might also try to reduce prices and introduce other marketing incentives to increase consumers of their product/service. * New businesses that might set up an ISP in Oman * Natural disasters such as an earthquake or tidal wave. Marketing Strategy For all businesses, it is essential to have a marketing strategy. Similarly, NetLink has a marketing strategy which revolves around the 4 P's: Product, Price, Promotion and Place (Distribution). Product NetLink will provide a range of products to customers for internet service. The two ways in which it will distribute internet are: 1. Pre-paid cards 2. Post-paid packages There will be several pre-paid cards and post-paid packages on offer for customers. The table below shows the product range of NetLink: Name Aimed for: Normal Rate (baisas/hour) Special Rate Cost NetLink Student (Pre-paid) For students from the age 10 - 20 who use the internet daily and regularly 200 At the day time 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. ...read more.


This will ensure the increase of sales, as the product and service will be widely available to a larger population. � NetLink will also distribute its service on two levels of distribution, level 0 and level 1. Level 0 is when NetLink, the manufacturer will directly supply its products to consumer (i.e. NetLink outlets). In Level 1, NetLink will supply the products to the retailer, and then the retailer will make it available for consumers to buy. As NetLink is a new ISP, it will use the Push Strategy. Thus, as a manufacturer, it will force the product through channels by giving it to intermediaries. If necessary, it will persuade the intermediaries by giving discounts and other incentives. Conclusion and Evaluation Overall, the marketing plan of NetLink is very balanced and gives equal importance to segments. If successful, NetLink can think of growth and expansion. However, if NetLink fails to gain market share in Oman, the following considerations will come into the scene: * Sell NetLink to another company * Partner with another company to cover financial losses (if any) and start over again with a different marketing strategy * Form a joint partnership with either Omantel or DirecWay * Move to another country * NetLink could also change its service. It could change from an ISP to Telecom Service (mobile) 1 ...read more.

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