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Comparing departments of two different organisation

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Mini Introduction In this coursework I will be describing some of the departments in the business briefly. Then I will use Manchester united football club (MUFC) AND Tesco as an example to show how the following departments interact to each other within the business. * Financial department * Marketing department * Production department * Human Resources * Finance department * Administration department * Customer Service department. How functional areas interact with one another. Manchester United FC (Ltd) Private limited company Tesco (PLC) - Public Limited Company Finance department - Marketing department Finance department deals with money so almost all the departments in the MUFC interact with it. ...read more.


To observe what people it contacts marketing department to ask them to carry out a research like questionnaire to analyse what type of kit people like. This way production department needs help of marketing department to make their products better which leads to fulfil the aim of the business. Marketing departments carry out the research which result are given to production department to help them decide how many product to produce as the research will contain information about which products are popular. Human Resources Department - Finance department Human resources department solves quandary which employees have, they also check the health and safety of employees by looking at the working condition. ...read more.


Administration department will have to look after things like cleaning and security which will need more employees. These employees are appointed by human resources department after interacting with administration department. Customer service department - Human Resources department Customer service department has to make sure service provided to the customer is good. To make sure the service provided is maintained at high quality. To make sure customer service has to interact with human resources department to make sure that the proper training is provided to the staff. Customer service department has to make sure that the employees are able to provide proper service which will require training. This training will be provided by human resources department. Conclusion In conclusion to the essay I have shown that the several departments in the organisations interact with each other within the business. ...read more.

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