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Comparing and contrasting two businesses - Halfords and AS Computers.

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Comparing and contrasting Two businesses Points of comparing . Purpose of business . Size . Scale . Goods and Services Purpose of business Goods and Services Advantages of Halfords are producing and selling car equipment e.g. car shampoo, stereo... They purpose is to sell they are goods at a profit so they can run the business pay their cost and pay all other expenses. Advantages of that are that with the money they made they can give it for charity and help someone people will see that and will but their products if they want to help. As systems are selling their goods and services at a profit advantage for them is that there are local cheap retail business that provides IT assistance such computer fixing many people will prefer to go to them to fix their computer then to go to big branches which are more expensive and fewer distance. ...read more.


Disadvantage for As systems is that people might not trust it because if they had never used their services before. They will trust the big and famous branches. Because everybody knows it and you will know if its good or bad. Scale Advantages The advantage for Halfords being national business is that they operate in more that one countries so they have the change to work with different kind of people and culture that help it to the Name of the company because show that they are kind and they what to communicate and grow. Advantage for As systems being local business is that they have less responsibilities and right to follow and they can concentrate of the work and making profit. But they will have to pay thousands of pounds less for expenses and costs. Disadvantages Disadvantage for As systems that is local business it that they will work with less people because they are small business they will have less communication and less work then the big national and global companies that run the global market e.g. ...read more.


As system is a local business it is in palmers green. As systems provide lots of services and goods such as home delivery fixing everything that is connected to computers or laptops, computer and laptop components. Halfords Halfords is a large business they have over 10,000 employees. This business provides car and bike equipment e.g. motor oil, brake fluid, cleaning stuff, stereo, sat navigation, Bikes and bike parts. The services they provide are home delivery, bike fixing, car stereo installation.Halfords is a European l business in the UK , Ireland, Czech republic and poland the company has over 455 stores. The purpose of Halfords is to sell their goods and services to people and help them. Comparing and contrasting. The difference between AS Systems and Halfords is not only one . The size is different Halfords is bigger has more stores and more employees. One is national one is local AS systems. Both businesses provide different good and services. The similarities are that both business provide fixing as service. ...read more.

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