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Customer service at Thorpe Park visitor attraction.

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Policies & producers Having gained an insight into the fact that Thorpe Park has different customer's types with different needs, the park has to ensure that theses needs are being met in a fair and consistent manner. To this end the park (as with many other organizations) has an established set of polices and produces. * Policy- what the organization sets out to achieve i.e. make the park accessible for the disabled. * Procedure-how is it going to set about achieving the policy Issues that Thorpe Park has to confront In other words, what kind of things do customers complain about: * Queues * Cleanliness * Rides being available * Lost children * Behaviors of other guest * Behaviors of the employees towards guest * Thorpe Park complaint procedures Queues Car Park The first queue that customers to The Park will come across is at the car park. This is when the stewards direct traffic in an orderly manner so that there are no accidents. They do this by directing all the cars in one direction and single file. This could also be to fill every bay as the stewards also fill the bays in a regimented manner. This is helping the customers as it will allow the cars to be all moving in one direction and therefore also no causing crashes. ...read more.


Where-as for the flooding of toilets Thorpe Park have foot latch taps. This is a tap that can only be activated by stepping on the foot latch that on the floor. This means that anyone trying to flood the toilets will have to keep there foot on the latch till the sinks fill up but this means now they are also going to get themselves wet. Finally if a customer reports to a member of staff about the state of the toilets, the problem must be solved immediately. This is so that customers are pleased with the services provided. Rides are unavailable If a ride is closed for a period of time then the website will tell the customers before they book their tickets. For example the website can say Stealth is not going to open for 3 months and have the reason behind it. This is so that customers are aware which rides are expected to be closed. If a ride is broken down in the morning tests then the website is updated and the customers will be informed at the ticket booth. If a ride breaks down while the customers are waiting in the line then a ride attendance stays at the ride entrance. This so that he/she can tell any customer about to queue for the ride that there will be a short delay and to also keep any customers in the line updated about how long the delay is going to take. ...read more.


Firstly you must always listen to the customer carefully and apologies in general term for any inconvenience caused. This is so that the customers realize you are actually listening and trying to help. Then you must let the customer know that the matter will be fully investigated and put right. This step taken forth because the customer could possible is wrong and so you must investigate into the problem. Thought-out this procedure you must try to see the argument from the customer point of view, keep calm and most importantly don't argue back. This is because you have to understand that people have their own ways in life and if they believe that something wasn't right for them on the day, and then you have to see it from their point and fix the problem. If the customer is not friendly and hard to work with then you must hand the customer over to a supervisor/manage, you cannot just leave the problem. The reason for this is so that if a customer was treated unfairly then issue needs to get sorted as it could give a bad reputation to The Park leading to fewer customers. Once you have established the problem you must agree a solution with the customer, take action and make sure you promise this would never happen again. The customers could be pleased after you have taken action and promise you won't make the mistaken again. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This deals well with the procedures but says nothing of the policy. It is also very uncritical and sounds like a rehash of what Thorpe Park want us to know. Is customer service this good in reality? Also a key element of good customer service must be the recruitment of the right staff and their subsequent management and training. This is not discussed.

Marked by teacher David Salter 12/02/2012

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