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Comparision of Sainsburys and Thorpe Park.

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Introduction I chose business studies because I want to know how to manage and multiply money. I have to compare 2 businesses that I have chosen. I chose Sainsbury and Thorpe park because the correlation is scarce and the contrast is big e.g. Thorpe park is an ltd and Sainsbury's is a plc. Sainsbury's is a national company and Thorpe Park is a big local business. I chose Sainsbury because it can be easily visited and I am focusing on the wolfish Sainsbury branch, there's also a lot of information that I know on this organization. To get information on Thorpe park is very difficult (because it is and ltd.) but I wanted a different business from Sainsbury and Thorpe park is very interesting. If I was to compare Tesco and Sainsbury it will have many similarities which will sound very repetitive but the companies I am comparing two businesses that sell completely different things from each other. GCSE E-spec - identifying activities that achieve the business objective What is an aim? A goal something that you want to have or reach which is probably far from the present, e.g. dreaming to be a computer scientist. What is an objective? The steps that you have to make or things you have to do to get to that goal e.g. to be a computer scientist you have to have good grades. What does the acronym SMART mean? Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Sainsbury Best food and health: Their aim is to make their food as healthy as possible; so that they can be one the supermarket that sells the healthiest groceries by doing this they will have a good name which will attract more costumers causing more profit. Their objective is to reduce fat sugar and addictives because is the things that make the food unhealthy if added too much, when they do this they will be completing their objective and they will be one step closer to achieving their aim. ...read more.


there are internal and external stakeholders .the internal stakeholders are those who engage in the business activities and transactions . so the internal stakeholders are employees, managers and shareholders (market : stockholders , suppliers, creditors, customers and employees), the external stakeholders are those that although they don't engage in the economic exchange with the business are still affected or affect the business and the external stakeholders are the society , government , suppliers and customers ( nonmarket : media ,community , general public ) and also shareholders because they can work in a business and have a share or not work in the business and still have a share. (Source 4 ) In businesses stakeholders could have the same function but different ways of involvement or interest . in Sainsbury these are the involvement and interest of the following Owners are internal stakeholders who have an interest and involve in a business because they want to : see the organization grow , be rewarded by the risk they took and make profit . they involve themselves by making big decisions e.g. the owner of Thorpe park can decide whether to make another ride. I think they have the most power because they decide to take the risks that all businesses must face which could lead to a positive or negative outcome. The Employees are another internal stakeholders who want to be to develop their career , paid fairly and have secure employment . their involvement in a organization is various and they help a little part of the business to work faster and have more money that they should have . although they are important in businesses because of the fact that if workers weren't there a business will not function will they are not powerful individually e.g. if a worker demands a raise it will be unlikely that he gets what he demands but if there's a group who demand the same will most likely get it because they can become pressure groups ( a group pressuring a business directly or indirectly ). ...read more.


The disciplinary, grievance and health and safety procedures is necessary thing to know because you never know what the workers might do so in case of a situations fall on the classification of one of these three people know what to do. Sainsbury's methods and steps to these 3 procedures are simple and are easy to follow I think this benefits them because complex then it might take longer to solve problems and businesses don't tend to like going through procedures like disciplinary or grievance because it wastes their time. Sainsbury tend to make their procedures simple to follow but also complicated to make the problem to progress to another stage so they will try to make the 2 disputing parties happy. Sainsbury's grievance procedure would be similar to the common or general one I think businesses like Thorpe park would have their own method for a grievance procedure. This similarity applies to the disciplinary as well. The health and safety procedure is the only one that I think that I think is the one that they made themselves. There are few implication that I will give to sainsbury's procedures. The first one is that they should keep the grievance procedures , the reason why is that their grievance procedure is simple and easy to follow and when a procedure is complex completion may take longer and no one like to go through these procedures not even the aggrieved person. The disciplinary procedure should be improved sainsbury's disciplinary procedure seem unofficial and not that serious and maybe that is why may be more dismissal than resolution, the first warning should be written so it doesn't look informal with low importance, the second should be documentation between the two parties and the final should be dismissal. Regarding to the health and safety & safety procedures I think the employees of Sainsbury are trained to know what to do in situations which deals with a workers health they also do more than secure health but improve it as well. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE E-spec Business unit1: investigating how businesses work Adeola Akinade 10636 1 ...read more.

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