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Customer service in the leisure industry.

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Avce leisure and recreation Unit 5 Customer service in the leisure industry Charmaine swift Introduction to customer service Excellent customer service is the biggest and least expensive favour you can do yourself and your business. To stay viable, any business depends on both new customers and on repeat customers. The old adage that "the customer is always right" isn't correct, of course, but it should be your guiding light in dealing with your customers. Even if you have a situation where you must disagree totally with your customer, you need to do it in a win/win way. No one likes to be backed into a corner or told that they're dumb or a deadbeat (even if they are). You need to be assertive but not aggressive, and allow your customer to walk away from your discussion feeling he has been treated fairly, and that you're an okay person. In the leisure and recreation industry customer service is very important. Where you mainly provide a service you have to deal with many issues that arise from customers. In this investigation I am going to look into different types of customer service situations and I will evaluate two leisure organisations to see how they deal with customers. Task 1: dealing with customers During my work placement as part of this unit, I encountered many different situations that arose with customers these situations ranged from face to face. Telephone, in writing and handling complaints. Each different situation needed handling in different ways in which suited the situation for instance I would change the tone of my voice or adjust my body language to keep the customer welcome. Face-to-face situations 1. The first real situation that I had to deal with was with a group of death and dumb people that use the gym. This was a face-to-face encounter. They came over to me to ask for help on one of the treadmills. ...read more.


Writing situation 1.My fifth situation was a letter to all new and old members to invite them to and evening at fitness first. This was quite easy as I was taught the format of letters at school but if i am honest I tried to make the letter longer but just sticking to the information needed. In the end I realise that I should just provide the information in a pleasant and formal manor, which was appropriate for the situation. I feel that after more practice the letters will flow and I will be able to do them quicker unlike this one that took me half an hour. Handling a complaint 1.My final situation was in writing and it was a reply to a letter of complaint made by a customer. Dealing with this situation was difficult because I have never done it before and it was a sensitive situation. Firstly I covered all of the points risen by the customer and offered an explanation for these problems then I apologised and offered a free pass for the group to use. Before sending the letter I had it looked over and they said I didn't need to change it. I feel that to improve in this situation it would pay to practice responding to old letters of complaints that we have on file to learn to tackle different situations. Task 3: use two different leisure facilities and give examples of practices and procedures used In this section I am looking at the aims of the companies and organisations. Most aims are to generate maximum sales or to increase numbers using the facilities in the council's aims. I am going to look at how these organisations use their procedures and practices to achieve the aims. Fitness first Firstly I am going to use fitness first in west Swindon. This organisation is a privately owned one therefore there main objective is to obtain maximum sales in a year to increase profit. ...read more.


They need to have more members of staff behind reception when I went both times there was one person struggling with the long queue and maybe this was why she wasn't very helpful, people were queuing for up to 15 minutes. Comparing the two centre delivery in customer service What I did to evaluate the two centres against each other is that I produced a questionnaire to myself to rate the two facilities against each other it was just ratings out of 10 on certain things such as appearance friendliness and helpfulness. Questions Fitness first (0-10) Link centre (0-10) Cleanliness of facility 6 8 Amount of staffing levels on view 7 7 Appearance of the staff 9 9 Happiness of staff 8 6 Helpfulness of staff 7 6 Knowledge levels of staff 9 6 Confidence of staff 9 7 Rudeness of staff 6 8 Overall rating of staff 8 7 As you can see fitness first came out on top but only just. The two centres are very different two each other and you have to remember that one is council owned and one is privately owned. This means that they have different aims and objectives. Fitness first were leagues above the link in customer service there whole approach was help for instance before making me sign they took me on a tour and explained the benefits to me. The link centre just gave me the form and let me get on with it. Bookings at fitness first all you have to do is ring a week in advance and you will get something within 8 days guaranteed. The link you have to phone at 9 am on the dot a week before and even then your not guaranteed a session. All in all fitness first are there to make the profit and they work hard for it which was evident on my first visit and the link just provide a minimum service. 1 ...read more.

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