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Describe different ways of gathering business information.

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Task 2 Unit 4 Hasan Iqbal Business Studies Mrs Mistry Yr 10 ________________ There are many different ways a person can collect information, but in the end they are all split in to two different groups. The first is primary data which is familiar to a lot of people and the second secondary data which is also very familiar. Both these groups are very different to each other but in the 21st century world secondary data is commonly used as a way of gaining information for many people. So I will now split up the different forms of communication in to the two groups I mentioned earlier. Primary- Also known as field research, you can find it in many forms such as: questionnaires, surveys and interviews Secondary- also known as desk research you will find in such forms: internet, books/magazines, newspapers and reports Primary research of course has its advantages such as it can help develop skills and the data can be tailored to your own needs. ...read more.


Internet research is what makes one group of research very popular, and I?m sure you can guess its secondary data. The reason this is secondary data is because, its simple the internet is a huge database of information that everyone has collected. The internet since it was created has always been said to be there forever. So that?s an advantage the data will always be there, it is easy to buy and it can be done in the comfort of your own homes. But as I mentioned in the last section it can be unreliable on a very large scale, as it is the internet the database for the hold world it is a prime location for the phishers and hackers, you could risk downloading viruses or if downloading a file or visiting a page you may have a key logger downloaded to your computer which may risk all passwords being stolen. ...read more.


But the amount of information you get may be limited because of the questions, the answers may be lost on the way and also some people may not answer truthfully. But you will receive relevant answers and the surveys/questionnaires can be filled out quickly. Paper based reference materials these are things like leaflets, magazines, newspapers and more. They are secondary forms of data because they are collected and processed by different people. And as a result during this period the information can be edited on a large scale. The data can be relevant and it can be accessed rather quickly. However, the data can be expensive and may sometimes be unreliable. Leaflet below Looking for an amazing day out!!! Well here at 4688 adventures we would love to share our suggestions with you. Do you love your adventures well have a look at these, Dolphin swimming Kayaking Canoeing Theme parks Wing suit diving Rock Climbing Sky Diving Skiing Paintballing ...read more.

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