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Evaluating Selected Human Resource Related Practices In Beijing YanJing Brewery Co.,Ltd

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Executive summary Purpose - The purpose of this report is to evaluate the actual practices in terms of two themes Decision Making and Use of teams and groups, and find that both of them are useful to be in criticically analyzing and understanding the selected organization Beijing YanJing Brewery Co.,Ltd (YJB). Definition- Decision making and use of teams and groups are both important in organizational management. Decision Making is understood as management's task par excellence-the bureaucratic cogito (the thinking brain) whose decisions the corporate body should follow (Clegg, Kornberger,Pitsis, 2008, p.286). The organization, which can make efficient and effective decisions can have a major impact on business sustainability and agility. (Metcalfe, 2003). Simultanelouly, according to some scholars, teamwork also plays an important role in ensuring human relations within organizations; that they are productive, cohesive, and aligned with the organizations outcome while also balancing people's desire for meaning, autonomy, and social relations (Clegg, Kornberger, Pitsis, 2008, p.122). Structure - The report is mainly divided into three sections: 1. Briefly introducing YJB's background, including: the number and type of employees and numbers and roles of managers. 2. Describing the actual practices of the YJB in terms of the above two themes; 3. By critically analyzing the actual practice, including the positive aspects, as well as negative aspects, the author gives a brief assessment of how useful the two themes can be in critically analyzing and understanding YJB. First, to help find the negative aspects, which need to be improved; Second, to help find the factors that cause these problems. The last is to help find ways to improve. 1 Background The author has worked as a secretary in YJB for the past four years after graduate from the university, where the main tasks include writing reports and documents for the managers. YJB is one of the top 500 lucrative industrial enterprises of China, one of the top 100 breweries. ...read more.


By doing this, YJB tries to setup a strategic reserve of talent, who understand business, and are good at management. * Low-level training. Staff training is regarded as the core links to improve employees overall quality. YJB invites experts and professors to hold specialized seminars for low-level managers each year; In addition, it organizes technical training for nearly a thousand employees on regular full-time, and selects technicians to advanced countries to study each year. 3 Discussions 3.1 Decision-making Decision Making is important for organization long-term development. Efficient and effective decisions will ensure the company will perform well. Whereas, poor decision making significantly affects company productivity and profit (Sutcliffe & Mcnamaron, 2001, p.357). On the basis of the above analysis, the author learned the following aspects: 3.1.1Positive aspects Generally speaking, YJB takes efficient and effective decisions, which ensure the company's health and sustainable development. The process of decision-making of YanJing is rational. It is consenus with the rational decision-making model (Robbins, Judge, Millett, Jones, 2010, p.95). As earlier mentioned, YJB's decision process is broken down into a series of interrelated activities that leads to a choice among alternatives. Apparently, it is actually rational, Open, and transparent. Decision makers in YanJing make judgments that are logical and internally consistent with their goals and preferences. They select the alternative with the highest subjective expected utility, and they follow a systematic process from problem identification to implementation of the selected alternative ( Murray, Poole, Jones, 2006, p.164). In the author's opinion, that is a main reason to explain why it is only been 30 years that YJB has spent to suppress the development history of other world beer enterprises with 100 years experience. 3.1.2 Negative aspects The power is highly centralized. YJB centralized decision making is in place, most important decisions are made at the top. Subsidiary managers have no authorization to decide the important aspects, regardless of the employees. ...read more.


1991, International Management, McGraw-Hill, USA. Meredith, JR & Mantel Jr, SJ 2009, Project management, 7thedn, Wiley & Sons, USA. Metcalfe, D 2003, Enterprise Visibility Makes Decisions Profitable, Cambridge, MA, Forrester Research. Murray, P, Poole, D, Jones, G 2006, Contemporary Issues in Management and Organizational Behavior, THOMSON, Australia. Robbins, SP, Judge, TA, Millett, B, Jones, M 2010, OB The Essentials, PEARSON, Australia. Shelton, P, Alina, M & Makela, C2010, 'Highly effective teams: A relational analysis of group potency and perceived organizational support', Advances in developing human resources, vol.12, pp.93-114 Sutcliffe, KM, G Mcnamara 2001, 'controlling decision-making practice in organization', Organization Science, vol.12, no.4, pp.484-501. Appendix: The history of corporation( YJB) : The YJB was established in 1993, but early in 1980 its brewery was founded. It elaborately creates its corporate culture by a long-term cultivation of the spirits of "being whole heartedly dedicated to work, starting an undertaking through hard labor, struggling against formidable tasks, working with the overall situation in mind in tandem with the colleagues, and sharing the worries of the enterprise as the enterprise owner". At present, it possesses tangible assets valued at 10.7 billion RMB Yuan and the capacity of the annual beer production has surpassed 3 million kiloliters. Which makes it rank at the first place in the output and production of beer nationally, and this position has been kept till today. In the course of 30 years' development, YanJing has taken the road of development by inner expanded and insisted on annual technology reconstruction. There is progress every year. And the development has undergone four stages: 1980-1988: complete the transformation from a small-scale brewery to a large-scale brewery; 1989-1993: complete the transformation to a large-scale brewery; 1994-1998: complete the transformation to a large-scale beer enterprise group; 1999 to now: increase over 300,000 tons each year; complete the transformation from a regional enterprise and brand in Beijing to a nationwide large-scale enterprise and nation-famous brand. It is only 30 years that YJB has spent to suppress the development history of other world beer enterprises with 100 year! ?? ?? ?? ?? 14 ...read more.

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