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Interaction of functional areas

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M3 Interaction of Functional Areas Functional Areas in Tesco & Oxfam Administration: Both organisations incorporate administration within their business to implement vital decisions, Tesco use administration to crucially administer the critical decisions and planning needed to develop the business as a whole and expand itself throughout other countries, other functions within administration can be budgeting, leadership etc. which Oxfam also uses to develop itself and budget donations that will be passed to 3rd world countries, also Oxfam uses administration can be used to assess the qualityin all areas and detects potential or actual deviations from the organization's plan. Administration can tie into finanace Customer Service: Both Tesco & Oxfam both provide customer service towards their customers, Tesco uses their customer service to either receive complaints, offer advice or information to customers or allow customers to offer their opinions about the organisation. Oxfam use their customer service to allow donations to come through or to offer advice or information about where donations will go and what will be bought with the donation made, also they give information about outlet stores as they sell goods with the money reaching 3rd world countries. ...read more.


Oxfam use finance to fund orders of goods to be exported to 3rd world countries, though all of Oxfam' finance comes through donations or through their stores. Human Resources: Both businesses use human resources as a vital functional area within their organisations, Tesco takes full advantage of human resources, employing staff, training employees to complete simple tasks such as delivering goods or developing skills in the checkout, also Tesco use HR to keep in close contact with other issues such as Industrial and Employee relations, Promotions, Personal data etc. Oxfam on the other hand use HR to hire people to work in outlet stores or work exporting goods and handing them out in 3rd world countries, also Oxfam uses HR to develop relations between other countries and donators to allow donations to come in and expand to other poor countries. ICT: Other companies use ICT to further themselves in vital aspects such as communications & the internet (websites etc.). Tesco uses ICT to keep in touch with the customer, offering information on their website about products and the business but also allowing customers to order goods via the internet to be delivered. ...read more.


this could mean introducing a new product with less packaging etc, Tesco also use R & D in other aspects such as training employees or innovating new ideas into the business, Oxfam use R & D to fully make use of their expanding charitable throughout the world, making sure that they continue to generate donation and provide basic needs for people in 3rd world countries, also training staff to work in either their high street stores or working in exporting goods throughout the world. Purposes Of Functional Areas: The purposes of functional areas within both Tesco & Oxfam is to support business purpose, aims & objectives etc, the functional areas allow businesses to merge these together producing better results as more resources are used to achieve these results, also functional areas are used to develop new markets, using functional areas such as marketing, advertising etc. to advertise business. creating new markets with both customers and suppliers, this also ties in with continuous professional development, which is put in place to continue the professional development within a business, using this allows to develop both business and the functional areas in these businesses. ...read more.

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