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Interdepartmental Links within Tesco and NHS

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I am not going to explain why it’s very important for each functional area to keep in touch so that they know everything going on within the business.


  • Sales and production functions
  • If the business is selling goods and giving delivery dates to customers it will need to check with the production side to check that the goods will be ready in time for when the customer would like them.
  • Sales and Finance Functions
  • When making a sale, the sales department may want to refer to the production department to make sure that all deliveries are going out on time. The finance department may also check to see if there are any ongoing debts and who not to sell to.
  • Finance and Distribution Functions
  • Finance must know when goods have been dispatched as they can send out Dispatch Emails and can send invoices if need be.
  • Customer Services
  • Customer Services may need to be in touch with everyone. When a customer wrings in to Tesco the customer may be put on hold while someone from the Customer Services Dept. contacts the other person.
  • HR & Finance
  • Human Resources need to check with the Finance Dept to make sure that the correct pay is being given to all the employees. If this is not the case then the HR team may contact the Finance Team to get this sorted.


  • ICT
  • The ICT Dept. need to make contact with all the departments to make sure that all the data with people’s personal data is secured. The ICT Dept at NHS is responsible for all the breaks in the system and any errors with the computers.
  • Customer Services
  • Customer Services are a key role in the NHS. They make contact with the sales department and the business in general to answer any queries that the customer has within the business.
  • HR
  • Human Resources will need to make sure that they are in constant talk with IT and Customer Services as they will need to be updated in any operations/changes to the client. The details from HR will also need to be past to the Finance Dept too.
  • Leadership
  • Leaders will need to contact the HR dept to check to see what needs doing and how they can do this. The Leaders of the area will make sure that they are happy with everything before it goes ahead. Often known as consultants and head doctors.
  • Support Staff
  • Support Staff either training to become doctors/nurses need to stay in contact with HR to see how they are doing and to learn new skills. The HR department may often check with the client to see if a Trainee Doctor can do/check over the operation.

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