Functional Areas of NHS and Tesco

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Most businesses consist of a number of different departments, each of which has a specific job or task to do - these are called 'functions'.


With 270,000 employees and a net income of 2.13 Billion Tesco is one of the biggest food retail shops around. As well as being one of the biggest it has many functional areas which include:

  • Human resources
  • Human resources are a vital part in any business. Especially in Tesco. They are used in the store and out. Some of the things that Tesco use “HR” is:
  • Absenteeism – If anyone is absent you need to be able to contact Tesco so that they can arrange for someone else to do your shift.
  • Disciplinary Procedures – If a member of staff is naughty/aggressive etc then they need a procedure in which the employee can be punished.
  • Grievance Procedures - Arrangements or procedures for dealing with grievances, such as complaints about bullying, harassment or discrimination; or appeals against.
  • Teams – Tesco have many different teams as they have many departments in-store. This would be a good way of structuring something as then not everyone is in the same pile. It’s a lot easier to manage.
  • Job Descriptions – Everyone who works needs to know their job descriptions. People at HR can tell employee’s this and can tell new recruits everything they need to start working.  
  • Recruitment – If a job opportunity arises for someone at Tesco then several procedures need to be put in place in order to get the person started working. HR will deal with everything as well as the “Teams & Job Description” section.
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  • The above list represents some of the Teams in HR. HR at Tesco ensure that Tesco runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Marketing and sales
  • Everyone has a different market. Tesco’s particular market is from anyone 18+. Tesco’s main sales are food. They are a food shop but sell the odd thing here and there. An example would be household goods and clothes.
  • Anyone who wishes to purchase food in Tesco may do so. All the Target Market is aimed at people who are over 18 you can still buy there if you are under this age. ...

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*** There is very little evidence of research or understanding in this essay. It is easy to go to the Tesco careers website and see the many functions. They have not considered the different functions that will exist in Head Office and individual stores.