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Job Analysis Investigate personnel requirements and undertake a job analysis for an identified position

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Certificate in Management Studies Name: ................................. xxxxxxxxxxxx Unit 11 - Recruitment and Selection Assessment 1 Question 1 Job Analysis Outcomes: 1. Investigate personnel requirements and undertake a job analysis for an identified position. ************************************ Note: The requirement is to conduct and document a Job Analysis in a formal management document. The document should include the use of an accepted model of analysis and justification of the chosen method and why others were not used. For this assignment I have chosen to analyse my own current job. JOB ANALYSIS Job analysis is the process of collecting, analyzing and setting out information about the contents of a job. This process is critical if the employer is to find the 'right man for the job' and will involve taking a look 'outside the box' and perhaps re-evaluating some of the requirements which may not have been considered in the current position, assuming the post already exists! ...read more.


* Individual tasks * Marketing stats * 5 Year targets and goals * Trend monitoring * Customer feedback To answer all of these questions we need to source this information and the following departments could possibly provide these crucial inputs: * Market Research * HR Department * Line Managers * Stats, trends and records * Appraisals * Quality Department * Predecessor * Technical conference * Interviews I have decided to use the Knowledge, Skills and Ability (KSA) method of job analysis as illustrated in the table below. The results of this table focus the attention in the key requirements areas when it comes to drafting the job description. Skills Duties Ability to plan and organize working under own initiative Health and Safety awareness and qualifications High level of personal presentation IT Skills including MS Project Engineering Knowledge in the Mechanical and Electrical field Contractual and commercial awareness Supervisory experience proven in human and financial resourses Interpersonal skills CITB Industry accredited to management level with CSCS Excellent level of ...read more.


4 4 4 Delivery of training as required 4 4 2 3 4 2 4 4 4 4 The KSA method of job analysis was chosen in preference to any others as the job is quite specific and one which requires specific skills and experience to tick as many 'boxes' as possible. The KSA identifies unique requirements required to fill the particular vacancy and focuses on the three key areas of Knowledge, Skill and Ability. This method is very much person-oriented and illustrates the kind of person needed to perform the work successfully. Adopting other forms of Job analysis were found this suitable in this application due to the very specific requirements of the work. The following pages (Assessment 1 Question 2) detail the job description which has been drafted to match this analysis and target an individual deemed most suitable for the position based on all the information gathered. This process should ensure the job's right for the candidate and the candidate is right for the job. ...read more.

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