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Job Interview Questions with analysis

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Business studies department Unit A244 Business and You Interview Question Links to Why is it appropriate to the role of retail assistant? 1. Why did you apply for the job of retail assistant at Primark? * In the job advert it asks ?Do you have a passion for fashion?? * In the job advert it asks for ?good communication skills? * In the person specification asks for ?good communication skills? * This is an open question , this allows the candidate to give a detailed response on why they believe they are the most suitable candidate . This is also an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate their communication skills. * This question is simply to answer and allows the candidate to relax into the interview , this is important because the candidate may be nervous so it is best to calm their nerves to ensure they complete the interview to the highest possible standard . * The interviewer can assess the quality of the communication skills and rank the candidates from this . This is important as when the candidate starts working at Primark they need to communicate clearly with the other members of staff and the customers . The customers needs to understand what is being said or they may get frustrated and leave , this would lead to a loss in sales . Having good communication skills is a key part of being a retail sales assistant as the candidate will be talking and interacting with the customers all day . They will be representing Primark and giving off possibly first impressions . In the person specification and job description asks for ?good communication skills? * This question allows the candidate to demonstrate their interest and passion in fashion and retail , this is important as if a candidate is truly interested into Primark , they will be more motivated , put in more effort and perform all their tasks to the highest standard . ...read more.


* This shows that the candidate pays attention to detail and wants to improve the quality of their own work, therefore will be productive and effective as sales assistant as they will ensure stock is displayed to a high standard, customer service will be of a high standard * This question complies with employment legalisation and is not discriminatory , This is important as this could put the candidate off the job and give Primark a bad reputation if it was not . 1. How would you apply you previous training in the workplace in Primark ? * In the person specification it states ?demonstrate willingness to undertake appropriate training? * This is an open question , this allows the candidate to explain in detail a time in which they trained and how they would use that in the workplace . This is important as it ensures that the candidate will implement the skills into the workplace . * In the person specification it states ?demonstrate willingness to undertake appropriate training? The candidate can demonstrate their willingness to learn here by talking about a past experience . In the past if a candidate was unable to do a skill and they were willing to train to better themselves , it is highly likely that when they work at Primark they will be willing to train . * This allows the interviewer to rank the candidates because to work at Primark you need to be willing to train as at Primark there could be new tills and machinery. * If the candidate is willing to better themselves , they will also be able to ask for help when needed from another sales assistant or from the retail supervisor . * The interviewer can make a decision whether they believe the candidate can also demonstrate that they Review their work to ensure it is meeting the standards required for example would they notice that stock needed replenishing or re-folding to ensure customer satisfaction based on their past experience . ...read more.


Interacting with the customers and giving advice on certain products is a great way to increase sales . In the job description it states the candidate needs to ?meet and greet customers?. This is important because making sure the customers are happy is key at Primark . * This is an open question , this allows the candidate to give an a detailed response on how they would ensure customer satisfaction . * This allows the interviewer to rank the candidates on how they would be around the customers . If the candidate can explain how they would do it , its highly likely that they will * This complies with employment legalisation and is not discriminatory as it does not mention age , race , gender or religion . * The candidate shows that they will recognise the needs of the customers at Primark and will act promptly to serve them . This is important as if a customer is ignored that they would get annoyed and possible got to a competitor . * . * 1. What would you do if your colleague was struggling with keeping up the customers but it was the end of your shift ? * In the person specification it requires the ability to work in a team and the ability to work under pressure * In the person specification it requires an awareness of customer care * If the candidate is able to work well under pressure as Primark will be very busy during peak shopping times such as weekends and school holiday periods. * This allows the candidate to demonstrate that they are committed to the business and want it to succeed , so they would be willing to work overtime . * This allows the candidate to demonstrate that they know when is appropriate to step in and when they are needed . This is important as Primark is quite often busy so a dedicated employee is needed . If they are willing to step in this show that the candidate works well under pressure * Task 3 b ...read more.

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