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Why is it appropriate to the role of retail assistant?

1. Why did you apply for the job of retail assistant at Primark?

* In the job advert it asks ‘Do you have a passion for fashion?”

* In the job advert it asks for “good communication skills”

* In the person specification asks for “good communication skills”

* This is an open question , this allows the candidate to give a detailed response on why they believe they are the most suitable candidate . This is also an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate their communication skills.

* This question is simply to answer and allows the candidate to relax into the interview , this is important because the candidate may be nervous so it is best to calm their nerves to ensure they complete the interview to the highest possible standard .

* The interviewer can assess the quality of the communication skills and rank the candidates from this . This is important as when the candidate starts working at Primark they need to communicate clearly with the other members of staff and the customers . The customers needs to understand what is being said or they may get frustrated and leave , this would lead to a loss in sales . Having good communication skills is a key part of being a retail sales assistant as the candidate will be talking and interacting with the customers all day . They will be representing Primark and giving off possibly first impressions . In the person specification and job description asks for “good communication skills”

* This question allows the candidate to demonstrate their interest and passion in fashion and retail , this is important as if a candidate is truly interested into Primark , they will be more motivated , put in more effort and perform all their tasks to the highest standard . The interviewer can also rank the candidates on how passionate they are about Primark as this directly shows how committed they are to Primark . The more committed an employee is , the more loyal they will be and they will often be more determined to take the business succeed .

* This is an opportunity for the candidate to show they have researched Primark and that they have a real interest in the business . This shows they want to find to find out and they are aware of the aims and values of the business . After the candidate has read those they have decided that this job is suitable for them , this shows their confidence and determination in getting the role of retail sales assistant . As the candidate is interested in the business , they are more likely to want it to succeed and therefore will give better customer service . This candidate is given the chance to explain why they want to work at Primark as a retail sales assistant , they can be specific to Primark .

* The interviewer can clearly see if the candidate is enthusiastic about Primark and the job , this will help with the ranking . In the job advert it asks ‘Do you have a passion for fashion?”

* This question complies with employment legalisation and is not discriminatory , This is important as this could put the candidate off the job and give Primark a bad reputation if it was not .

1. Tell me about a time when you have shown good teamwork skills?

* In the person specification a requirement is to able “to work in a team”
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* In the job advert it states that the candidate will join a “successful team” , implying good teamwork skills are needed to integrate into the department .

* This is an open question , this allows the candidate to explain in detail a time in which they have demonstrated good teamwork skills . Team work skills are important at Primark as if the team isn’t running smoothly neither will the business . All the members rely on each other . In the job advert it states that the candidate will join a “successful team” , ...

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