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Market research.

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Research I will be investigating the various ways in which Hamptons leisure centre is run and operated. From this, I will be able to solve the problems and issues that Hamptons is being faced with regarding the Personnel department. To do this, I would have to collect appropriate information, and identify the source of this information so that I can put forward recommended schemes and ideas. This research and information would have to relate to the concept of high staff turnover at Hamptons leisure centre. After my research, I would have to propose the recommendations to the shareholders of Hamptons. The information that would be required would be the opinions of staff at the leisure centre, and their views as to how well the personnel department is functioning. The reasons for staff turnover would also be necessary, and the management of employees on the whole would have to be analysed too. Most of these aspects I will try and relate to the SWOT analysis of Hamptons that I completed, and the theories that I investigated. The following table conveys the information that I would require from my market research in order to make recommendations. Information required * The management of staff at the leisure centre, and whether this affects the issue of high staff turnover at Hamptons. * The opinions and views of employees at Hamptons on how they feel working at Hamptons, and their future at Hamptons. * The reasons behind the high staff turnover that is associated with Hamptons, and the steps that could be taken to reduce this. ...read more.


In the questionnaire, 4 people were questioned about their views on their company regarding their management. The results from the questionnaire are shown on the following pages. It is evident from these results that most of the employees that were used for this research were happy with their job 75% were happy with their job. Contrary to popular belief, it is also proven that staff turnover is not always due to the amount of wages that is being offered. Job opportunities were the least factors that were being offered by the companies that the employees worked for. It never went above the satisfactory level, but was below the level most of the time. The most likely factor that was believed by the employees to affect staff turnover was the factor of industrial relations. This was for staff that were of the same level as the employees themselves, and it gave a general overview. The most likely factor to affect an employee in this research was the factor corresponding to job opportunities. The most likely factor that kept staff was the factor relating to job satisfaction, and an overall sense of acceptance from the business also persuaded staff to stay. This meant that the relations staff had with employees should be good, and they were. Rewards and maintaining good relations with staff were also quite common. From the quotations, it can be seen that some staff are happy working because they are fulfilling a need for consumers by providing their services to them. ...read more.


However, question four could have had three categories instead of five, so that the answers received from the employees could easily have been associated with the relevant category. This would eliminate the problem of employees having different opinions for each category (e.g. one employee may be more lenient than others, and may put down bad, whereas another employee may be too strict and put down terrible). However, offering a wider range of categories can also allow me to see the distinction between one employee's answers ands another's. The other limitation in my research was that I only used two places to carry out my research, reducing the variation in my results. If I were to complete my research again, therefore, I would consider researching more places. I would also try to get some opinions of senior workers, and then relate them to the opinions of the primary workers, identifying the variation in those results, and analysing the results to see whether senior and primary employees share the same needs. I have already decided to include in my report the problem of not enough job opportunities being provided by Hamptons and that hard working employees are not rewarded. Hamptons have established good factors too, and they are that the relationship between employees and managers were good, and never bad (probably because of superior communication in a flat structured organisation), and that most of the employees were satisfied with their job, (although this does not mean they are motivated or achieving any higher needs). Hamptons should therefore solve these problems before growing larger, as the organisational structure of the company might change, bringing even worse consequences. ...read more.

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