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Monitoring and Evaluating customer service

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Importance of monitoring and evaluating: It is important to monitor and evaluate customer service; because it can improve customer service by making you sure that customer service is up to a high standard. Monitoring and evaluating helps you see longer-term trends and find better solution of how to improve process. By monitoring and evaluating customer service a business can find out customer's needs and expectations which make them happy and also if a business knows what customer's want from them then they can provide the type of customer service the customers are looking for. ...read more.


The customer will be satisfied with the business. Customer's satisfaction is very important to a business because satisfied customers are most likely to be loyal and to make repeated orders and to use a wide range of services offered by a business. Improvements to organisation Monitoring and Evaluating customer service can improve the service for the organisation. There are a number of key improvements that can be made to the organisation: * By improving customer service a business will retain existing customers. * As its customer service excellent becomes known the business will attract new customers. ...read more.


Improvements to the employee Monitoring and evaluating can improve customer service for the employee, for example when a customer complaint about the employee's or bad service then it points out the weaknesses, so employees can cover their weaknesses. If employees are doing a good job then it will be appreciated and employees will be satisfied with their job. If an employee is satisfied with the job then he or she is more likely to stay with the business which will give the business valuable and experienced members of staff. Finally, as the number of customer's increase, staff members may increase, and as turnover increases, profitability will also increase. The opportunity to continually improve is therefore always in sight. ?? ?? ?? ?? M3 Monitoring and Evaluating customer service Suhaib Bashir ...read more.

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