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Table of Content * THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.................................................3 * THE MAKETING PLAN............................................................4 * THE PRODUCTION PLAN.....................................................15 * THE ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT PLAN........19 * THE FINANCIAL PLAN........................................................21 Executive summary When starting up a business there are some advantages and some disadvantages. Some of the advantages are; The acquired name for my business is Plus One. This business is a clothing store; with all the fashionable clothing that comes out every year. This will not just contain casual clothing but it will also contain other clothing for different occasions. The main persons I plan to attract are all women and teen girls who are plus sized. I will be using mostly desk research for my marketing strategy; I will also use questionnaires to help me find out what people decision about it. This business will be a sole trader organization owned and operated by Ms. Tamara Brown. I will be hiring about six employees for each section in each store. The target of this business is to provide unique clothing for plus sized women and teen girls. Plus One's main objectives are: * Provide a unique clothing store for plus size individuals * Create jobs * Provide quality clothing and customer service for a reasonable price. * Achieve a profit in the first year * Continually and consistently increasing total number of customer each year * Increase average length of customer relationships and decrease customer turnover. ...read more.


3. What percentage of plus sized individuals do you think is in your country? 4. If 20% and over what do you think of a plus size clothing store in your country? 5. What kind of clothing stores is available in your country? 6. Is there room for a plus size store in your country? 7. Where do you shop for clothing? 8. What are your views on shopping locally? 9. What prices do you pay? 10. What about a plus size store that is reasonable? 11. What size do you fall in? 12. 12. Any notes you would like to add? For this question 95% said that it could work and it would make a good profit. My marketing strategy My unique selling propositions are that on the website you can create an account thus you can add products to your cart and make suggestions for the stores improvement. You can also order products that are not yet in stock to make easier for you to purchase. In the store catalogue you can also order from that via telephone or internet Sales forecast The sales forecast is a prediction of what sales will be achieved over a given period, anything from a week to a year. Total demand The total demand is a prediction of how much the product will be needed throughout the year. ...read more.


Balance sheet for Plus One women's wear As at December 31, 2009 $ Fixed assets Fixtures and fittings 25,000 Equipment 10,000 Machinery 20,000 vehicles 20,500 Current assets Cash 10,000 debtors 5,000 $ 75,500 15,000 90,500 $ Owner's capital Capital 15,000 Retained profit 20,000 Current liability Creditors 10,500 overdraft 10,000 Long-term liability Loans 20,000 Mortgage 15,000 $ 35,000 20,500 35,000 90,500 Writing a business plan is not easy but the point of writing one is to find out if the business has the factors to survive; which it will if the aims and objectives are followed. This business plan helped me to see if my business is up to standard as those in other parts of the world. I think that after a few years of doing my business and learning more about the business world my business would be successful. Constructing a profit and loss account showed me that not all the time I will have a profit, but according to my figures it can result into a loss. There are not much plus size clothing stores in my country; there are some, where I choose my other areas but they fit the needs for all areas, thus my business will be successful because of my lack of major competition. The price many other things purchased for my business will rise but I think I will be able to manage once I get my plans together. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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