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Online business case studies - JDsports, ASDA and Subway

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Unit 8 doing business online The three businesses because I have chosen are: * JDsports website: Jdsports.co.uk * ASDA website: asda.co.uk * Subway website: subway.co.uk ASDA is Britain's best value retailer; it became part of the Wal-Mart family in June 1999. ASDA was formed by a group of farmers from Yorkshire and now has 321 stores and 29 depots across the UK.ASDA have over 300 stores and 148,000 colleagues nationwide. ASDA isn't run for profit. ASDA has two charity voluntary organisations, which are http://www.corporatewatch.org.uk/?lid=800 http://walmartstores.com/FactsNews/NewsRoom/4100.aspx National Blood Service * ASDA went into partnership with the National Blood Service in 2004 which coincided with Worldwide Blood Day. Since then stores have been arranging blood donor days for colleagues and customers in the bloodmobile in ASDA car parks. * Being a blood donor is a valuable service to the community and helps to save lives. Each day 10,000 donations of blood are needed nationally to meet hospital demand and currently only 6% of the eligible population donate. Blood donations help save lives in surgery, road traffic accidents, and treat cancer patients and burns victims. ASDA Foundation ASDA has their own charity foundation. Established in 1988 and managed by the Administrator and Board of Trustees, the Foundation helps them to support the good causes we become involved with, whether that's through actual fundraising or simply rolling up our sleeves and helping out. ...read more.


Australia and New Zealand, with over 2,100 outlets, is supported from Brisbane, Australia. The 300 Middle Eastern locations are supported from Beirut, Lebanon. Singapore supports the 300+ Asian locations. The Latin American Support Center in Miami assists over 1,100 restaurants. In the UK and Ireland the company hopes to have 2,010 restaurants by the year 2010. This is their online website above which is called www.subway.com . Their website is easy to use for the shoppers because it has sub-titles to everything you may need to know about the store. The website also gives you all the information about Subway i.e. there is 28879 restaurants in 86 countries. The websites tells their customers the new sandwiches that they have. It also informs you about the charity events there are holding. Their website persuades more people to shop in their store because all the food is healthy and many people want to stay fit. It also informs people about the job available in different sections. The website gives you all the information about their history. As you can see above, their information is broken into sub-titles so they narrow down different info and make it easy for the customer to identify what they may wish to know about the store. ...read more.


JD also allows you to shop online which is the main point about having a website. Also like other sites that we have seen, there is a store locator which shows you the stores around UK. The website also tells you about the competitions held in the company, it also locates to the new clothes they have. The site also offers free delivery to the customers that wish to buy anything Task 4 Usually when businesses are making a lot of money they decide to make a website so they can be well known around the Europe or Globe. The boss has to decide if can make his own website or if he as to pay some to do it for him. He/she also has to decide what kind of information he/she will put in the website and pictures to represent their company. He must make the website well organised which will make it easy for the customers to surf through so they won't have a hard time trying to get around his/hers website. He must decide if the website will safe for all ages to use or only for adults. He must think about having a range sub-titles which will make it easy for the customers to identify items. ?? ?? ?? ?? Leslie Ngwenya 1 ...read more.

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