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Organisational structure

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ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE Each level in the organisational structure has authority over the level below it and the managing director has overall responsibility for the whole organisation. Scottish and Newcastle plc has a tall organisational structure, with the managing director at the top, he is responsible for the whole business and communicates company policy and makes sure it is carried out. The directors on the second level are responsible for making decisions affecting their function areas and communicating those decisions to the staff working in the function areas. These directors and the managing director are based at head office. Though Scottish and Newcastle has a tall organisational structure City Limits itself has a flat organisational structure with a few levels. From the directors there are regional mangers these are in charge of the different business owned by Scottish and Newcastle in that particular area. They are responsible for carrying out or delegating the directors' decisions. ...read more.


Resolving problems helps city limits work more effectively and increase sale therefore meeting its objectives. Directors at the top communicate downwards to the managers when providing information and giving instructions decisions that they have already made. The managers use upwards communication when feeding back ideas and complaints from the workforce are needed and valued by management which has to monitor to what extent City Limits objectives are being achieved. As the different departments at City Limits work a long side each other and co-ordinate their activities to achieve their objectives they use later communication. For example the HR department will provide the finance department with the number of staff who need training so that the finance department pays the money. The managers also communicate formally. For example, if a member of staff is to face disciplinary procedure in order this to be effective it follows formal guidelines. They also use restricted channels for example if the managing director is communicating to the regional manager. ...read more.


Management style The managements style in the organisation differs from manager to manger and is affected by there level in the organisational structure. The managers in City Limits have a democratic style of leadership; they make the decisions but consult with the employees in the process. This motivates employees and makes them work harder and more effectively helping City Limits meet it objectives. But as you go high in the organisational structure the managements tends to move to autocratic this is due to a number of factors, e.g. time; directors don't have time to go speaking to all employees in the business before making decisions however they might speak to the regional managers. Business culture Scottish and Newcastle has a more role culture which involves reliance on rule and procedures, tasks are clearly defined and a clear chain of command. Having this kind of culture means that all Scottish and Newcastle employees know which tasks they have to under take and what is expected of them, in terms of standards and quality this improves efficiency. However one could argue that City Limits has a task culture. Candidate No 1541 " " from advanced business ...read more.

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