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Overview of Carphone Warehouse

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An overview of Carphone Warehouse Carphone Warehouse: The Carphone Warehouse Group PLC was set up in 1989 by Charles Dunstone with �6,000. Today it is Europe's leading independent mobile communications retailer, generating annual turnover of �1,841.5m (y/e March 03), offering customers impartial and expert advice, the widest choice of the latest product and unbeatable service. The company operates across 10 markets and employs over 8,000 people working across the stores, the support centres, the call centres, the online teams and the direct sales teams (telesales). UK market share is over 22%. Business Activities: Carphone Warehouse has 3 different fields of operation: Distribution, Data Services and Telecoms Services. Carphone Warehouse sells pay as you go vouchers and accessories, PDA's and mobile phones, along with insurance. As a PLC the company's shareholders can be any member of the public, although shares are likely to be concentrated within the company. The company was first created in 1989. * "If we don't look after the customer, someone else will." This aim can be easily monitored by the number of complaints they get through their call centres. They should aim to rapidly cut that amount of calls that they receive that concern complains from customers, and deal with them swiftly and conveniently. They have achieved this aim because they have now hit their target of answering "95%" within one minute, which they have achieved with a percentage of "99.5%". ...read more.


Over time, their aims and objectives may alter to expand to changes in their business' for example if they like to expand they could modify an existing aim to take onboard this expansion, i.e.: "To provide the same level of care and service in this new area, as each of the others". Business Ownership of The Carphone Warehouse A sole trader is a private business which has been set up by one owner. The benefits of a sole trader are that they are easy to set up and give a personal service. The owner is independent and can make quick decisions, with the minimum paperwork, and helps to avoid bad debts with customers by knowing them personally. Although there are major drawbacks, there is unlimited liability, and you have long hours with no covers if you wanted to go on holidays or you were sick. Also you need many required business skills and if you die, the business ends as well. A partnership as two or more owners, and so it is much easier to raise capital, but again there is unlimited liability. Problems and ideas can be discussed, but all profits have to be shared and there could be many disagreements. Although there is and greater range of skills and you can be covered for holidays, decision/actions are legally binding on all partners and the death of a partner would result in the share would need repaying. A private limited company is often a family run business with the protection of limited liability. ...read more.


This would allow them to make more profits than if the rates we lower. If the rates were lower then the repayments would me smaller and so would be the profits. A rise or fall in interest rates can affect your business in many ways. If the interest rates are low, Carphone Warehouse could take out a typical loan from a bank when the interest rates are low. This is because they repayments would be lower. For example, if the interest rate was 3% per month, and each monthly repayment is �1,000.00 then they would pay 1000x1.03=�1030.00, but if the monthly percentage was 13% they would pay back �1,130.00 each month. This would mean the would have to pay back an extra �100 each month (in this example), where that money could be spent on purchasing new mobile phone parts, hiring staff, or even expanding the business. In the long term the money that has been spent for no reason would mount up. In response to this, Carphone Warehouse, if they want to take a loan, choose a bank or building society that offers a fixed rate for a period of time. They would then satisfy them because Carphone Warehouse would know how much they would be paying back each month, for that fixed period of time. After the fixed rate has finished, Carphone Warehouse would be put on a 'variable' rate, which mean the rate can vary from month to month, so they can only estimate how much the repayments would be. Jay Shah Page 1 Applied Business Studies ...read more.

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