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Public and Private Sectors

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The Public and Private Sectors + Stakeholders We were told to visit the websites of up to 3 UK PLC's. I decided to work on Tesco's, Barclays and Marks & Spencer. 1. Tesco's website solely focuses on the interests of its shareholders. However, Tesco's is a worldwide known store and should be expected to focus on the interests of its customers as well. "Our core values", "no-one tries harder for customers" and "treat people how we like to be treated", these characterise Tesco's approach to Corporate Responsibility. The company contributes to the environment quite a lot and does aim to help its customers the most it can. Tesco's use recyclable bags, attempt to reduce their emissions and do much a lot to put in as much effort possible into the Greener Living. Tesco's also participates in funding for major charities and fund raising. Corporate Responsibility is not specified on Tesco's website however without displaying this on their website; people would assume that their aim was to make a profit using shareholders' money and provide better and more efficient products to its customers. I think this website is trying to communicate with its owners and shareholders, customers, local community and authority. I think Tesco's do this because if they are able to advertise and promote their company online, it would appeal to these stakeholder groups and could make them understand what Tesco's is offering to them at open interest. ...read more.


On the website, they give links to services for everyone; the adults and the children and more A-Z services. I think this borough definitely meets the needs of the local community because citizens in the borough have left comments and petitions on the site and the London Borough of Sutton have tried very hard to sort out the problems. The London Borough of Sutton has 5 key services: health and care, housing, education, environment and careers. The Sutton Borough attempt to give equal access to all services and provide the health and care from the NHS for those all in need. For all sorts of illnesses and disabilities they provide all sorts of aid and help. In the borough of Sutton, housing is very important and council tends to provide as much support and help needed for those looking for a home. New housing services have been constructed for the growing population and the London Borough of Sutton focus on their citizen's living lifestyle. Education, a need and key service of every council in the UK; the London Borough of Sutton have a "Children, Young People and Learning Service" which aims to promote school improvement and high pupil achievement amongst all groups of pupils. ...read more.


On the website, they explain health and social care services for children, young people, adults and their families. The council tries to "help people in Manchester who need care and support, enabling them to get the most out of their lives and become as independent as possible". Lastly, Manchester is well known for its football team and many other leisure and cultural festivals. The website gives a lot details about the city's "ideas about making the most of your leisure time in the city". I think these three councils feel anxious to stress the "good" work they do because they all need to maintain their standards in London because they are quite well known councils in the London borough. Also, these websites are not only viewed by the local citizens of the boroughs, but other people hoping to start a new life in these areas; to appeal to these new citizens, the council would definitely have to display interesting and information which would make them sound more welcoming. 3. I think that the differing priorities of the public and private sectors do appear obvious from my assessment of their websites; reason being, public sectors attempt to appeal to their shareholders whereas private sectors, appealing to their shareholders would not really by any point. Public and private sectors have very different priorities however sometimes they have the same priorities at different levels. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shamini Rajan 10M ...read more.

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