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Recruitment Case Study - Tesco

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Tesco Case Study 1. The recruitment process involves the identification of job, defining it to create a job description and a job/person specification. Following this, the business will need to attract potential candidates to apply for the available job. After this follows the selection process. The selection process involves choosing the most suitable candidate for the job, having to keep within the regulations and employment laws. Candidates are screened so that only those chosen for an interview are those who fit the job description and person specification. ...read more.


These descriptions outline a description of both the skills and the responsibilities that the candidate should and would have; the documents help the interviews to identify and assess the appropriate candidate for the job. The job description and person specification put together can provide a good base for the job advertisement. A ?good? job advertisement should help job applicant to identify whether or not the job is suited to them or not. It will also tell what they should expect when doing the job and what the job requires from them. ...read more.


1. Tesco uses a very specific process in the recruitment and selection process: Screening applicants CV?s upon application ? Inform candidates if they are successful or not ? Interviews take place for successful candidates ? Further Successful candidates attend an assessment centre ? Second interviews take place ? Successful candidate(s) sent and offer and contract. This process seems very time consuming, this being one of the few downfalls it has. One of the major benefits of having 2 interviews and an assessment is the reassurance that they have the right person for the job. They will be able to tell this in at least 1 of the 3 main stages of the recruitment and selection process. ...read more.

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