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Recruitment. In this task I am going to look at recruitment and training. I will explain the different types of stages that McDonalds use to recruit. I will also look at the different types of training which McDonalds use to help their employees.

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GCSE Applied Business In this task I am going to look at recruitment and training. I will explain the different types of stages that McDonalds use to recruit. I will also look at the different types of training which McDonalds use to help their employees. Recruitment The process from the decision to fill a job vacancy to the point where completed job applicants are received The reason why McDonalds need to recruit employees may be because * There are employees soon retiring * Someone going on paternity/maternity leave * Someone leaves McDonalds * Promotion * Sacked McDonald's recruitment stage Agree the vacancy Staff are expensive and in McDonalds need to obtain permission to recruit a new member of staff. If McDonalds is struggling, they may also need agreement to replace someone who is leaving. Normally therefore there is a specific procedure managers must follow before the recruitment process can be started. Agree the Job Description The job being advertised may be new, in which case a job description needs to be devised. Even if someone is being replaced, it is useful to update the job description in case any task or duties have changed, Example of a Job Description Department : Marketing Job Title: Marketing Assistant Hours of work: 38 per week, normally 9am-5 45pm Monday-Friday with one hour lunch, but some flexibility required Salary scale: 12000-�14000 Responsible to: Marketing Manager Responsible for: Not applicable Job purpose: to provide general support for the marketing team, to prepare marketing materials, to keep the website up to date and monitor online responses. Duties and responsibilities * Receive telephone calls, deal with general enquires and take messages for other team members as necessary * Assist in the monthly update of the product brochure by writing basic product descriptions and obtaining artwork as necessary. * Keep the customer database up to date * Assist in the preparation and distribution of mail shots to customers * Update the marketing section of McDonalds with new products or special offers ...read more.


* Helps to identify training and development needs * Fix pay rises by improvements McDonalds use a method to develop employees Job rotation This is where McDonalds give people a range of jobs in rotation widens their experience and helps to increase their range skills. Job enlargement This is where McDonalds allocating people extra tasks in their jobs gives management a better idea of an employee's true ability and determination. Job enrichment Where McDonalds add more interest and more difficult tasks to the job. This is done with an employee with promising potential to see just how capable the person really is. Understudying An employee is attached to a very senior manager to act as an assistant. Shadowing This is where in McDonalds an employee spends more time each week with a manager to learn what they do and to get a better idea of what problems they deal with. It is used in McDonalds to adapt a employee rapidly into a top job. Mentoring This is used in McDonalds a lot; it is where a senior manager passes on the benefits of his or her experience and wisdom to a younger employee. Project work Giving a promising employee a specific investigative project enables them to get appropriate many aspects of McDonalds and it enables them to get to know senior management. National Awards McDonalds are very keen to train and develop their employees. The government encourages McDonalds to invest time and money to be able to do this. Employees can achieve NVQ's (National Vocational Qualifications. National training awards McDonalds and their employees can be granted National training awards for achieving excellence and success through training. The awards are aimed at people who have decided to improve their chances of success through learning new skills. National Vocational Qualifications The reason for NVQ's is to create a national system of approved skills based qualifications for all employees. ...read more.


The aims and objectives for a worldwide know popular fast food restaurant like McDonalds are there so that the business can set a goal in order to succeed or stay in the business. With a company like McDonalds, which has done so well despite the bad press or media they get their objectives as well as aims as the business, progresses from time to time. This may be because of new products and other changes to the economy. The aim is what describes the overall goal that they want to achieve. McDonalds aim or vision is to be 'the world's best quick service restaurant experience. This means running and opening great restaurants and providing exceptional quality, service, cleanliness and value ('QSC&V'), so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile'. Survival is an aim for many businesses. For McDonalds, as they started out they would first try aiming to stay in the business by earning enough money from customers to meet all of the businesses expenses. McDonalds also has the majority of its businesses as franchise. This means that the person or manager opening a McDonalds restaurant up would have to aim for making enough money to cover its costs during the first year or so. Maximising sales revenue or profit is an aim McDonalds may have been using since the beginning as the success of the business has grown immensely. This is where the business will seek out to gain an increase in their income from the customers. For example, McDonalds have done this by selling two burgers for the price of one or even one pound per burger. This gains a lot of customers coming in and spending more as they assume they are getting value for their money plus more and no doubt that they actually like these offers McDonalds is so generously giving out. Growth is an aim McDonalds have succeeded in however are still always aiming to grow in order to fulfil new targets or objectives. The objectives are more detailed aims, which set. ...read more.

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