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Report on types of business information at Mark and Spencer

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Task 1 (P1, M1, D1) Report on types of business information at Mark and Spencer Introduction In this report I will be outlining the different types of information used in Mark and Spencer and their purposes and sources. The report will consist of information related to Mark and Spencer. The organisation I have chosen is Mark and Spencer. Mark and Spencer is a public limited company and it is founded in Leeds, west Yorkshire England. Mark and Spencer is one of the majors' British retailers with over 895 stores round the world. The Head quarter of Mark and Spencer is in waterside house in the City of Westminster, London England. Mark and Spencer is the largest clothing retailers in the United Kingdom, as well as being an up market food retailer. You need to define what the types of informations are in your own definition. For example, verbal information is ...... Written information is ...... And so on. Findings Mark and Spencer use different type of information within the business such as: Verbal information A value flow mapping figure used to indicate a point at which verbal interaction takes place. This is the type of information use when the manager has a formal meeting with the store member about the rate of their sales in the organisation. ...read more.


Without written information Mark and Spencer could not have reach their present state in economic, social and technological development. An example of written information is: Special offers This is a formal marketing which the marketing department put an offer on customer deal when they purchase a quality product from them. Special offer are good because it attract more customers to the business. The purpose of this information is to appreciate their customer from buying from them and by doing this, they are persuading them to shop with them again. Letter of complaint/compliment This is another form of written information as customer can write to Mark and Spencer about any complaint they have regarding the service they receive from their staff on their last visit and this also can be use to praise the organisation for the good quality of service they have at their store. The purpose of this information is to build up their service and try to amend any mistake done at the past. For compliment this will encourage the organisation to continuous to improve their service. This type of information is originated from the customer service department. Mission statement Every organisation has their one individual mission statement like Mark and Spencer as they use these to set their aim higher. ...read more.


Conclusion Information is the key point to all businesses success because if a business does not adapt or develop quickly then they will find themselves left behind by the competitor so they need to be informed about their daily activities within the organisation for them to make decision on how to project in each departments of the organisation. In this evaluation I will be making judgement on two set of information that Mark and Spencer use to make a strategic decision, my first information will be customer feedback. Customers feedback is a good form of receiving complain/ compliment about the way the customer have been treated and they enable company to gain important insight about customers' needs and requirements and as well as getting feedback about the company product and services, judging by this the store manager will be able to have the knowledge on how to improve the service given to customers and they could know how they are performing for them to make a decision of the development for their company. It also good to receive feedback on their service because it helps to analyse the business structure, in a form of improving the way the operate within the organisation and their service to customers. The disadvantage of receiving feedback from customer is that it can sometimes be too logical and disciplined to capture the humane instinct and traits of consumers. ...read more.

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