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Resolving Disputes within a business

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Resolving Disputes At Pizza Hut there are occasionally disputes between employers and employees, theses disagreements are often about the way employees are treated at work. The disagreements usually involve work conditions, pay, and discrimination when applying for a job or an employee being made redundant. Employers and Employees at Pizza Hut have devised methods to help resolve these disputes. Here at Pizza Hut we have a dispute where a female member of staff feels she was been overlooked on several occasions for promotion because of her gender. An internal method of resolving this dispute would be to follow a grievance procedure. A grievance procedure is a fair way for employees to raise concerns/complaints. They are solved by managers at Pizza Hut sitting down with the employee and trying to resolve the problem between them. The procedure at Pizza Hut has three standard steps; firstly the complaint needs to be written down and the grievance procedure should explain how and to whom the employee should make a complaint, at Pizza Hut the complaint in letter form is sent to the Line manager. The second stage involves the Line manager inviting the employee to a meeting to discuss the issue of unfair treatment of the female employee. ...read more.


Therefore inflation leads to a fall in how much money can buy. Inflation is measured in the UK by the Retail Price Index (RPI) which measures the change in prices of over 600 goods and services. These goods and services form a "representative basket", in other words they are supposed to represent what the average family buys each week. There are various causes of Inflation; these include Demand-pull inflation which is when too many people try to buy too few products which results in price increases. The demand for products grows faster than the underlying supply, and therefore its results in 'too much money chasing too few goods". Something has to give and the prices are pushed up causing inflation. Cost Push Inflation is another factor of inflation, it occurs when a business responds to rising production costs, by raising prices in order to maintain their profit margins. The main reasons to why costs rise are the rising costs of imported raw materials, these can be caused by inflation in countries that are heavily dependent on exports or a fall in the value of the pound in the foreign exchange markets which increases the UK price of imported inputs. Rising labour costs - caused by wage increases which exceed any advance in productivity. ...read more.


Meditation is where ACAS makes a decision but leaves it to the employees and managers to discuss a settlement The final step the Pizza Hut employees can take is to take the case to an employment tribunal. If the dispute has not been resolved even with the help of ACAS, then the employment tribunal will settle the legal dispute between employers and managers of Pizza Hut about a 6% pay rise. The employment tribunal are similar to a court but less formal and have the power to put forward an agreement to the issue to which the employers and employees must agree on. In conclusion there are a number of steps an employee can take if they feel the managers at Pizza Hut are being unreasonable, but I think the best method to resolve this dispute would be through ACAS. Although ACAS is meant to be involved in serious disputes, I think Pizza Hut employees would need external help if they are to reach a settlement with the managers. As Pizza Hut is such a large global brand, a strike by employees backed by trade unions would not leave a huge impact on the company and the managers would dismiss the problem quickly but on the other hand ACAS is an organization encouraging people to work together effectively to help resolve disagreements. Raidah Haider - 3C ...read more.

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