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Safeway needs different departments to help it run. Safeway has a large human resources department because it needs a large workforce to run it. Human Resources

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Safeway needs different departments to help it run. Safeway has a large human resources department because it needs a large workforce to run it. Human Resources is there to help the employees at work and they are mostly involved with trying to keep the employees safe. Below is what they mainly do. * The recruitment, retention and dismissal of staff * The training, development and promotion * Health and safety * Liaison with employee organisation and trade unions. Examples of job roles are Recruitment Officer Responsible for the recruitment of all staff. Security Officer General security for all shops, offices etc. Health and safety Officer Overseeing all health and safety issues for every department. Secretary It does administrative and secretarial work for a higher member of staff. Human resources and its affect on other functional areas The most obvious link between Human Resources and other functions is the recruitment of staff. They also train staff for a specific job. They also oversee that health and safety is being carried out, all over the company. ...read more.


Research and development requires finance to pay its employees. It also needs human resources for staff to be recruited and trained. It also needs administration to keep its building from falling apart. If customer services contact them because of a fault in a product, Then Research and development will find the fault and find away around it. It also contacts marketing and sales to change the advertisement for a particular product, and can change production techniques. Marketing and sales - is concerned with finding out what the public want. * Market research- job is to find out what people need or get their opinions. * Promotion- to inform the customers about their product * Sales- to provide the goods that the customer needs Sales director Responsible for the sales function and what happens in the department Export manager Responsible for overseas sales Order clerks Accept and process sales orders Shipping clerks Responsible for transportation of sales Marketing and sales- its affect on other functions. The degree when the company is 'market led' will determine the impact that marketing has on all of the functions. ...read more.


Security Responsible for maintaining security. Personal Assistant staff Responsible for supporting the manager & understanding admin tasks Administration Assistant Assist with admin tasks IT Manager Managing all the IT requirements of each department The effects of administration on the other functions Administration has a big impact on all of the other functions of the business given that it gives the support services, which make the business work better. For example communications, which are needed for a business to work to its maximum efficacy. Making arrangements for example booking parking spaces for visitors and preparing a small meeting. It also provides resources like pens, computers and gives out money to the different departments. It also handles cleaning and maintenances. It must also provide security because no other function areas would. Finance pay for the security and human resources organises staffing. Yes I think that Safeway does work together to achieve their aims and objectives. They interact using written and oral communication. I think that it is an efficient way to interact. I think that it does help to reach their aims. They need to work together because the business would not work and there will be no money coming in, so there cant pay for wages. ...read more.

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