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Swot Analysis

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Swot Analysis McDonald's vs. Burger King Organizational Diagnosis by Fastalk Consultants In diagnosing the McDonald's organization, the first issue we will examine is their company goals. McDonald's has a goal of one hundred percent total customer satisfaction. However, they do realize that this goal is not always attainable. Therefore, if for any reason they do not meet that goal, they will do whatever it takes to correct their mistake. McDonald's has a second company goal that sets them apart from most of their competitors. McDonald's was founded on the principle of giving back to the community, and that remains one of their primary goals today. Through their charities, Ronald McDonald's House and Ronald McDonald's Children's Charities, McDonald's has pumped millions of dollars back into the community over the years. McDonald's customer service policy is laid out in the McDonald's Guarantee. The McDonald's Guarantee states, Your food will be hot. Your service will be fast and friendly. ! And your drive-thru orders will be double-checked right. If you're not satisfied, we'll make it right. Or your next meal is on us. Guaranteed. The customer service procedures of McDonald's are centered on focusing on one customer at a time. They are more concerned with the quality of the service than the speed of the service. Employees usually take only one order at a time. They then prepare that order while the customers wait. After the present customer is satisfied, they move on to the next customer. This procedure allows great accuracy and quality, but lacks speed. McDonald's climate was not very appealing. Everything appeared to be focused around the business instead of the customers. ...read more.


Therefore, the workforce is constantly changing and adapting to new employees and new situations. VII. Job Design The design of the job in both McDonald's and Burger King ran smoothly at times. There was autonomy between the different positions. For example, the fry person would just make fries. If h! e ran into a problem, he could use his knowledge of the fry ma! chine to fix the problem without having to go to management. There was a visual barrier between the different positions, however no position seemed more glorified than another one. VIII. Leadership Style There was similar leadership style employed by the management at both stores. Task orientation was essential to meeting the goal of fast food. Each person had to be focused on the task at hand, because during certain hours of the day, both stores were very busy. There seemed to be little flexibility from management if it meant compromising their goals. IX. Policies/Procedures/Rules/Standards Standardization seemed to be the key at both stores. One can walk into any McDonald's in the country and find that a Big Mac is the same everywhere. Similarly, a Whopper will taste the same at every location. Therefore, the ingredients, and cooking methods must remain constant throughout. There can be no variation. Rules and procedures were posted on clear signs and made directly available to th! e employee. X. Organization Climate There seemed to be individual autonomy for the most part at both stores. However, the reward system was not easy to identify. They seemed expected to do their job consistently and accurately, perhaps in fear of punishment. They received cooperation from management as long as they were working diligently. ...read more.


we did not see signs of any type of contribution to the community. People may think that the company is greedy and only cares about profit. A charity would show that Burger King cares about the community. In addition, both of these restaurants desperately need to incorporate the fundamentals of great service into their game plans. It would make a tremendous difference if a cashier would very simply smile and say "thank you" after returning your change. From the expressions on the faces of some of the employees we felt as if we ruined their entire day just by walking through the door! Personality and attitude should be major considerations when hiring employees. Hire only those who will take pride in their jobs, be professional, and treat the guests very well. Our final recommendation for both operations is to adopt a "Total Quality Management" philosophy. Food should come out with the right ingredients and at the correct temperature. It is a waste of time and money to make ! an order over again if it is not perfect the first time. With ! better t raining and communication there should be no reason for orders to be less than perfect. The proper attention could be directed to the next customer waiting in line. If things are done correctly the first time, it will save aggravation for the guest, who, by the way, will remember that his order came out exactly how he wanted it. Basically, just take care of the customer. Give employees the power to do whatever it takes to make them happy. Exceed their expectations and, in return, you will have a life long patron. He will be back again, and again, increasing long run profitability. This concept should be applied to McDonald's as well as Burger King, to helpattain their corporate goals. ...read more.

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