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the green team

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INDEX PG NO. Introduction 2 Task 1: Research 3 Task 2: Project plan 4 Task 3: Job description 5-6-7 Task 4: Organizational chart 8 Task 5: Job advertisement 9-10-11 Task 6: Report 12-13 Bibliography 14 THE GREEN TEAM Introduction Green teams are basically made up of groups of people who have volunteered to help manage and identify problems in the environment and business organizations. Once the problems are identified they make specific improvements to help the different business organizations to operate in a more sustainable and efficient environmentally fashion. As the green team grows it will start looking for government agencies, business organizations and different business chains ( such as H&M etc) to implement methods that are more environmentally friendly and are not abusing the environment. Hence the company's efforts are recognized by a larger civic and business community. The effectiveness of a green team depends mainly on the company's * Management style * Number of employees * Geographical presence Green Teams have different levels. Some teams are small and are not correctly managed or organized and focus on improvements that they can make in different areas such as recycling, energy management or use of office supplies that are reusable and create less waste. ...read more.


He may deliver items to other business departments or organizations. May specialize in delivering mail, messages, documents and packages between the different departments. http://www.occupationalinfo.org/23/239567010.html Manager of Project planning and Operations. His duties as a project planning and operations manager include development, implementation and maintenance of a detailed plan and posting schedules based on input from team members. He is also responsible for ensuring that assigned projects reach the market on time and driving the completion of project related assignments in accordance with a detailed implementation plan. http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/job-JE1TC215K1G-l-Memphis-TN-c-Healthcare?source=CP Event Organiser(Team Leader) Event organisers are involved in the organisation of events. Event organisers must be able to complete a wide range of activities requiring clear communication and excellent organisational skills and must respond quickly to change, ensuring the smooth and efficient running of an event. http://www.prospects.ac.uk/cms/ShowPage/Home_page/Explore_types_of_jobs/Types_of_Job/p!eipaL?state=showocc&idno=222&pageno=1 Assistant Event Organiser An assistant event organiser does almost everything an event organiser's team leader does but he is only there to help him with all the heavy tasks that have been given to him. He supports the Manager and team leader when organising all of the events held at the venue. This role includes reception duties, event organising, research and assisting customers on a daily basis. ...read more.


* Top managers are unnecessarily burdened by routine and other less important details. * Information may get distorted as it travels down. Lecturer Notes Module DB104 Virtual team approach: A Virtual team approach is an approach where the team that consists of all the staff has their office at their own home. It mainly consists of doing work on the computer and handing out your work via the internet. This saves people a lot of time and also reduces pollution caused by vehicles and other transportation methods. Advantages: * Information cannot get distorted as it travels down. * Preserves the environment by causing less pollution. * No land needed as work is done at home Disadvantages: * Lack of trust. * Lack of physical interaction. * Reliability could be a great concern. http://www.kulzick.com/virtteam.htm My Recommendation: I would suggest a virtual team approach because firstly it is showing that you are trying to reduce the carbon emissions by working at home and even saving electricity. This gives out an important message to other volunteers that this green team is actually doing more than trying to do and they are doing it in their own way. It is much easier to hire people over the internet and get work done on a global scale. Advertising your message becomes easier and you are cutting back on the costs of taxes or rent for an office space. ...read more.

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