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The Responsibilities of the Human Resources Function within IKEA

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The Responsibilities of the Human Resources Function within IKEA Introduction to Personnel Management and Human Resources Management (HRM) To succeed, an organisation need to acquire staff who are committed to achieving its aims and objectives. To do this, the organisation must provide adequate training for staff and motivate them by management, to achieve their maximum potential. The organisation can motivate its staff by personnel management or human resources management (HRM). According to Business Vocational A Level, personnel management is concerned with looking after the welfare of employees and the day-to-day administration of policies affecting them. It is also responsible for administration concerning employment, for example staff records, absences from work, and pay and benefits. The personnel management is involved in maintaining accurate personnel records, as required by law. These personnel records are stored onto computers. The personnel department is responsible for ensuring, that they are kept safe, secure and confidential. Under the Data Protection Act 1984, personnel departments have to be aware of what they can and cannot do with the information. It is necessary for personnel departments to keep the personnel records, as they can be used to fulfil the needs and activities of the business. The main objective of the personnel department is, to ensure that the business use its human resources as efficiently, as possible. For example, employees need the right training to use computers, properly. Another example is the staff absences that need to be recorded, as they may affect pay and productivity, and the reason for absence need to be established. One of the main functions of a personnel department is to recruit and train an appropriate workforce. ...read more.


The Wednesbury branch of IKEA follows the Harassment Policy. I have included a copy of the Harassment Policy in the Appendix section. The HR function within IKEA follows the Personnel Planning and Recruitment Policy, when deciding to hire new staff. The Personnel Planning and Recruitment Policy will try to ensure, that the HR staff recruits the best possible candidate for each job vacancy being offered the position, and reduce any possibility of co-workers being treated unfairly. A copy of this policy is in the Appendix section. The Wednesbury branch of IKEA is proud to be an 'equal opportunities employer' because, this will develop a culture in which fairness and justice plays a vital role. A copy of the Equal Opportunity Policy is in the Appendix section. Training and development The HR function is responsible for providing training opportunities to employees, who want to develop their skills and abilities, after they have started work. This will enable them to apply for job with more responsibility and better pay. When training the employees, the HR staff at IKEA must keep the staff training records, manage the procedures for applying for training, and monitor the training budget. After training the employees, the HR staff needs to get feedback on the training programme, itself. If there were unpopular events in the training programme, the HR staff needs to review and improve them. It is important for the HR staff to constantly train and develop co-workers' skills and abilities, so that they can support IKEA, by working towards its aims and objectives, and meeting the business demands, in times of stability and of change. It is important for the Wednesbury branch of IKEA to provide employees the opportunity for individual development, as this will lead to job motivation and satisfaction. ...read more.


Attract, recruit, retain, develop, coach, and inspire our co-workers according to our Human Resources Idea in partnership with the store management 4) Lead the personnel and professional development of our co-workers through training, mentoring and succession planning programmes 5) Lead in the development of diversity and work life balance initiatives 6) Provide effective co-workers relations through problem solving, mediation, and two-way communication 7) Monitor, adhere to and provide advice on policies and procedures including relevant laws and regulations 8) Ensure that all Human Resources administrative systems are current, accurate and efficient 9) Contribute as a member of the Store Steering Group and lead the Human Resources team 10) Assume responsibilities for projects and task as they occur The above responsibilities apply to all HR Managers working in IKEA stores, like Wednesbury IKEA, across the world. Identifying the HR function within IKEA Looking at IKEA's organisation chart (see Appendix), there are four people employed in the HR function. The Store HR Manager is Alison Shipway. She is linked to the Store Manager and the HR Manager. The HR Manager is Joe Pygott. He is responsible for the HR Specialist, Sue Whitehouse and Training Co-ordinator, Julie Testil. Both job titles have supervisor/specialist roles. I have colour-coded these job titles in red, onto the organisation chart. The Importance of HR function within IKEA The HR department is very important to the Wednesbury branch of IKEA because, HR staff has to keep personnel records; discipline, and make sure employees are abiding the employment law and company rules. If this cannot be done, all staff will be de-motivated and won't be concerned with their work. This will make IKEA difficult to achieve the Human Resources Idea (see Appendix), as well as, its aims and objectives. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 4: Human Resources E1: Created by Baljinder Duhra - 5 - ...read more.

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