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What are the reasons behind the recent fall in sales of Sony Ericsson mobile phones?

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The main purpose of this report is to carry out research on behalf of Sony Ericsson. This report should help them to solve a management problem, which they are currently facing. The problem in question is 'What are the reasons behind the recent fall in sales of Sony Ericsson mobile phones?' The initial section of this report will contain the background research. This will expand upon the problem area Sony Ericsson is currently facing. The market research question, component questions, decision outcomes, research design and questionnaire will follow this. This will be followed by the analysis of the data gathered through the research carried out. The report will be concluded by recommendations as to the actions Sony Ericsson should implement, and the limitations of the research. The problem of declining sales will be investigated using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. BACKGROUND INFORMATION In this section we will start by briefly talking about Sony Ericsson as a company, and then follow this by investigating the recent decline in sales. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications was established in 2001 by telecommunications leader Ericsson and Japanese electronic appliance giants Sony Corporation. The company is equally owned by Ericsson and Sony, whose combined mobile phone businesses on a pro-forma basis achieved annual unit sales of approximately 50 million units and sales of USD (American dollars) ...read more.


The suggestions should help Sony Ericsson to decide whether they need to change, and if so how they need to change their product, pricing and distributions, in order to increase sales of the Sony Ericsson mobile phones. RESEARCH DESIGN In order to fulfil the requirements requested by Sony Ericsson both exploratory and conclusive research will be undertaken. Exploratory research will be used to clarify and identify the important factors causing the decline in sales of Sony Ericsson handsets. The exploratory research that will be carried out will consist of qualitative research techniques. This will enable an in-depth examination into the attitudes, preferences, need's and buying behavior of customers. There are four methods of exploratory research, which are discussed below: * Pilot studies- surveys which use only a limited number of respondents, and employ sampling techniques that are less rigorous than that employed in large quantitative studies. * Experience surveys- discussions with knowledgeable individuals who will provide insights into the problem of declining of sales. * Secondary data analysis- the study of data that has been previously gathered. * Case analysis- the analysis of information from situations that are similar to the present one. For the purpose of this report only three of the methods listed above will be used. Pilot studies will be used in the form of pre-test questionnaires. ...read more.


DATA ANALYSIS It is imperative that the data is presented and gathered from both primary and secondary resources as evidence that the organisation Sony Ericsson is facing a management problem. The purpose of the data analysis is to provide information, which has been translated from its initial form and to not simply present data. A primary characteristic of information is that it can be understood without prior knowledge or interpretation. After carrying out the proposed research on the organisation, we will analyse the results of our findings on the company, using analytical software like Microsoft Excel for the following purposed: * frequency distribution * cross-tabulation * graphs, such as: pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs. TIMESCALE Week 1 ~ 27/09/02 * Get into a group of three to four people * Carry out research into an organisation facing difficulties * Chosen company is Sony Ericsson Week 2 ~ 04/10/02 * Research into the problem/ challenges facing Sony Ericsson Week 3 ~ 11/10/02 * Prepare a proposal due in for 14/10/02 Week 4 ~ 18/10/02 * Research into the Background of Sony Ericsson Week 5 ~ 25/10/02 * Decide on the problem facing Sony Ericsson * Prepare on the research questions/ objectives components and decisions Week 6 ~ 01/11/02 * Carry out work involving the problem affecting the market research Week 7 ~ 08/11/02 * Prepare the market research, e.g. Interviews, questionnaires, etc. ...read more.

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