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What is entrepreneurship

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What is entrepreneurship? Develop your own views and opinions about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is activities and process undertaken by entrepreneurs. These are people that see an opportunity and take it. This may be an opportunity to expand a business or to make a new product or service that is not already been made. This does not have to be a business person that is entrepreneurial anyone can be entrepreneurial if they have the motivation and are driven towards an opportunity because they know that the opportunity exists and is there to be taken. Risks may need to be taken in doing this such as investing a lot of money towards it. Some people may invest all the money they have and even sell there house because they are so sure that they will be successful. The money used does not always be the entrepreneurs money it could be the money of a business person that invests in the product or service. "The entrepreneur is an individual who lives and functions within a social setting." Philip A Wickham The above is a definition taken from a book of what an entrepreneur is. ...read more.


circumstances * Regular - the personality of an individual is consistent over periods of time and leads to consistent patterns of behaviour * Manifest - in shows up in many different ways including physical states, affective moods, personal feelings, decisions and actions From this core different schools develop different thoughts about the personality of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur Subjects Identify the different types of entrepreneur in different areas of society discussing 'who is an entrepreneur' There are different types of entrepreneurs, I have chosen to look at three of them. The three that I will be looking at are Anita Roddick, Walt Disney and Michael Birch. The most common types of entrepreneurs encountered are either those planning to start up an initial venture, so called nascent entrepreneurs or those running a single business are called singular entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are referred to as novice entrepreneurs when they are at the early stage of development and are still actively learning. Entrepreneurs who are interested in maximising their returns from short term deals are called opportunist entrepreneurs. Craft entrepreneurs are people that like to secure a steady income and are referred to as income orientated. ...read more.


Anita is the creator of the body shop, she started off by making her own products using things she had in her garage. Anita opened her first shop with 15 products and now has over 1,980 stores and more than 77 million customers. Anita was motivated to do something that makes a difference from a very young age after reading a book about the holocaust that included photographs of those who suffered in concentration camps. After getting married in 1971 Anita and her husband made a living running a restaurant and a eight bedroom hotel. Her husband then left and went trekking on horse from Buenos Aries to New York leaving her to support her self and two girls with the money from the restaurant and the hotel. Using some of the money from this Anita was able to open her first shop and then a second shop within 10 months. Comparing and Contrasting your Entrepreneur Subjects The entrepreneurs that I have chosen are all different from each other because they all became entrepreneurs for different reasons. Michael Birch is a craft entrepreneur. These types of entrepreneurs are people that like to secure a steady income and are referred to as income orientated. ...read more.

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