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Designing a pond cost calculator to be used by Jo when she is calculating the cost of a customers pond that they are just about to buy from the Plant House Garden Centre.

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Design for Task 3 For the design for task 2, as it says in the analysis I am designing a pond cost calculator to be used by Jo when she is calculating the cost of a customers pond that they are just about to buy from the Plant House Garden Centre. The first thing I will do to design this pond cost calculator will be to decide upon which software is wise to use. After I know which programs I will be using I shall then sketch out a few design ideas on paper for the layout of the calculator which will be sketched to fit in with what program I have decided to use. I shall then choose one of the design ideas and reveal why I have chosen that design idea, then I will go into explaining how I want the calculator to look by stating the text sizes, types and possible colours I will be using and why. When I know what the calculator is going to look like and how it will be laid out, I will then show how I am going to make this calculator on the program I have decided to use by expressing the features I will most likely be using on the program I have chosen, how they work and how I will exploit them. ...read more.


This is because it has the most values available to Jo to use. Although Design idea 2 is simpler and easier to understand, design idea 1 can be a lot more helpful. Text For the calculator, I have considered all different text sizes and types and I have come up with the following decisions about what text it would be wise for me to use: Value Titles: Size 10 Bold Values: Size 10 Main Title: Size 18 Bold The reason why I have decided on these text sizes, is because '10' is the default text size and it's the default because its not too big and not too small therefore I will use it for every bit of text other than the Main Title. I have chosen the Main title to be 18 because I think that because it looks to me like it would be the correct size in correlation to how much other text will be on the calculator. The main title and the Value titles are in Bold because they need to be able to stand out more than the text and bold does just that. All text will be done in the text style 'Arial', this is because Arial is formal enough but not too formal so much so that it may appear unfriendly to the person who is using it. ...read more.


I will use my calculator to see if I can calculate the depth he can have for the already assigned length and width of his pond to amount to no more than �300. This test will be done in the testing section. By doing these two tests I will have totally assured myself that the calculator works and will be fit for Jo to use. I will do the check in the implementation by typing in all the measurements onto my calculator and seeing whether all the costs that Jo has calculated to be right are the same as the costs my calculator presents. I will test my calculator with Mr Patel's problem by using a system of trial and error. Putting in the width and length of his pond and continually keep changing the potential depth of his pond to be able to find out what is the maximum depth he can have without spending over �300. I will start higher than the price and work down to �300 instead of randomly typing in depths, this way I will work to the maximum depth faster. Or I could devise a System where by Excel can tell me what the maximum depth he could have. It is important I do these two tests because I want to make sure the calculator works properly. ...read more.

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