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Implementing Design in Microsoft word.

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Implementing Design From looking at Version 1 of my publication you can see how the Design section of this project is being used. I chose design 3 in my designing section and in this sketch I used circular frames for the pictures rather than the normal square or rectangular shapes. In Version 1 you will see evidence of this idea. The picture on the second page was originally in a square frame. I found this by clicking on the Insert menu, and then Picture and then by clicking on Clip Art. I then clicked on the Find button to look for a suitable picture for my publication. I typed in Drama as this is about a performing arts school/college. The file came up with many pictures including those on the front and the centre of Version 1. After inserting the pictures and positioning them, I clicked on the one on page two-three and pressed Copy button which has a picture of two sheets of paper. I then minimised the document and opened another file to paste my picture into. I then selected the picture and drew a circular shape around it and then pressed Crop. After doing this, I now had a circular picture rather than a square one and I Cut and Pasted this new picture into my publication and positioned how I liked. ...read more.


I then chose which graph I wanted to use and typed in the relevant details such as title, name of x axis, and name of y axis and produced it as part of sheet 1. I then selected the graph and pressed Cut and then Pasted it into Publisher. Here I had to resize it so it would fit into my publication, and then I moved it into the appropriate place. On the new pages made for Music and Dance, I have put a picture, which has been framed with a circular shape. I did not change the shape of the actual picture; I merely drew a circular frame around it. Version 5 as you will see has had a few changes made to it since version 4. I have produced this on my home computer, therefore allowing me immediate access to a colour printer. As you can see I have chosen bold colours to attract the customers eye. This shows my original plan in the Identifying section. You will also notice the motif in the corners of each page, this was done simply as an addition to the rest of the publication for good presentation, which is always needed when advertising something. These were taken from clipart and re-sized to my liking. They were then positioned and rotated by going to the menu bar and finding the rotate button in Publisher. ...read more.


Looking at the original design and the final piece, there are many difference, in fact I have basically changed the whole design. But I feel that it has been a successful move and was definitely not done immediately. It took many steps to improve upon the previous versions and printouts, but as I said, I feel that this has been a good move. I feel that I have covered all areas available to me in the project and have used most of my computer skills to produce it. I am very pleased with its outcome and the comments made by people on the publication. I think by printing out copies of the publication as I went along helped me to see mistakes and therefore put them right. You will see the step-by-step route I took by looking in the implementing design section, where I have shown in detail how I managed to get to my final piece. If I were to extend on the piece I would have to think carefully as to what was wanted by the school or a similar school so that this could then be added. I was pleased with the pictures and the text and the layout of the publication and would not change any of the immediate layouts. I feel that although the pictures were effective I could have used scanners and widened my range of skills shown during the process of producing the publication. This would also have made the publication look more professional. ...read more.

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