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Lunchtime Being in 5th form isn't always a privilege, as we all had to wait impatiently outside the dining hall with grumbling stomachs. There was a tremendous noise from the dining hall. People were talking and laughing, some looked delighted, while some, looked disgusted like they had just witnessed a ghost. The sixth former on duty fussily chose ten people with a grin. Luckily I was one of them. Everyone barged through; brushing passed the big wooden doors to be greeted with a warm scent of food. As I walk round the oak tables, I stare at the apple green painted wall until a menu appears. ...read more.


I picked up a smooth knotted tray with cracks on the side and glistening metal cutlery, which gave a cold tingling rush up my fingers. I gazed at my choice of steaming hot food, and my mouth watered like a hosepipe. I was overjoyed to view that the food I had been longingly waiting for was none other than a roast. In my glee, I happily positioned my tray ready to be served. When all of a sudden, I was knocked over by a vicious plump teacher. As he reached for the plate, I heard him gasping for air as he was out of breath from the stroll up the hall to obtain his cutlery and his tray. ...read more.


The puddings appeared to be remarkably lush. The custard was delicately poured over the sponge; I could sense that the custard had a thick texture with a sweet taste. There was not a satisfying amount prepared, therefore I had to wait. While waiting, I fixed my eyes on a tub of assorted fruits. The oranges, to my surprise, were not squashed. I noticed the orange coloured texture was rough like a patterned concrete path. After I acquired my decent amount of pudding, I sauntered to a decent looking table and laid my tray. The unbearable thought of the effort getting tomorrows food is beyond me, as I dig through the hot appetizing food, and enkoy the rest of my meal. ...read more.

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