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My aim is to investigate which material would be the best for making the base of the pan from.

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Science investigation Introduction I am going to heat the ends of the different types of rods so that the heat passes to the Vaseline, which should eventually melt and gradually the pins should fall off. The one that drops the quickest would be the best material for the base of the pan. Aim My aim is to investigate which material would be the best for making the base of the pan from. Research From my research I have found out the factors that will affect my investigation are; the type of material which will be used, the temperature of the flame from the Bunsen burner, temperature of the room, the amount of Vaseline used and the distance of the flame from the material. Apparatus The apparatus that will be used are; a Bunsen burner to heat up the rods, stop clock to time how long it takes for the pins to drop, tripod to put the different type of materials on, heat proof mat to place the tripod on it for safety, Vaseline so the pins stick to the materials and the pins, to find out which material heats up fastest. more.


keep the same to make this experiment a fair test are; temperature if the flame from the Bunsen burner, temperature of the room, the amount of Vaseline used and the distance of the flame from the material. The things I am going to change The 1 thing that I am going to change is the type of materials that are going to be used Method 1. Make sure that the pins are placed 5cm apart, and the amount of Vaseline used is approximately the same for each process that has taken place. 2. Start the stop clock at the same instant as you immerse each bar. 3. Record the time present by the stop clocking using the table to show the time which is taken for each sector of the pins to drop from the different bars. 4. In order to have an accurate measurement repeat the process of which the tasks have been taken and record the averages of the two or more sets of results. Safety precautions 1) Keep hands away from the metals 2) Make sure the safety flame is on when its not under the materials 3) more.


Conclusion All metals conduct heat differently, for example brass has the odd result, as this could mean that I repeated this experiment twice so my results for this might not have been accurate. Copper is the best conductor, but doing thorough research I found that copper leaves stains which make iron more preferable. Evaluation Through the progression of my experiment I found that each step was easy and time consuming as it provided accurate result, this is as the experiment was done in two sectors which gave accurate result to have precise average for each material. The graph show it took longer as the heat progressed toward the end of the bar; this is shown as the pattern changes on the graph. I think my experiment was a fair test because I repeated my experiment 3 times which gave me the averages of each result. To improve this some process should have taken place to measure the right amount of Vaseline in order to make it an accurate and fair experiment. An automatic stop clock should have been attached to the bar to form a consistent and accurate reading. Naila parveen 10LC Monday, 30 April 2007 1 more.

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