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Page 2 - Specification for my nightlight.

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´╗┐Product Analysis What I will create a night light, where each light will come on at night and automatically switch off in the morning. Who The automatic night light will be made for the use of little children (of both genders) aged between 4-9 years old. When The child?s night light will be used whenever light is needed to brighten up a dark area, this is likely to be during night-time before a child is going to sleep or when a child wakes up during the middle of the night needing to go to the toilet. Why * For night time trips to the bathroom as there will be no need for the child to fumble around for the light switch and no longer will the child feel scared to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. * For children who need a light to help them sleep or children who prefer to sleep with the lights on to make them feel relaxed. Where The child?s night light will be placed on a bed side table and so must be freestanding and aesthetically pleasing as the child will look at it frequently. Purpose The night light casing must fulfil the following functions: * contain and hold the electronic system * protect the electronic system from damage * make it convenient to carry, use and store the product The PCB and wires are fragile so need to be encased and protected by a hard shell. ...read more.


Materials The packaging will be made of one or a combination of the following materials: High Impact Polystyrene (HIP), Acrylic, or any type of wood such as MDF. These materials are cheap and fairly simple to construct a packaging with in the workshop. Moreover, HIP is durable and so can be vacuum formed with the use of MDF to act as a mould. Aesthetics The packaging must fit in with the mode of a child’s bedroom, be attractive and eye catchy. The design shall be unisex. Cost This product will be sold for £7.50 to make a profit. The product will be sold at this price as it is aimed at middle class citizens who are earning over and around £25,000 yearly in a household. In addition, there is a lot of completion going on with prices of similar products. Customers will buy the night light, which attracts them at such a low cost. Purpose As this a systems and control product, it must include a control system. This will be a printed circuit board and it will include a microprocessor. The circuit will ensure that the light will come on at night and automatically switch off in the morning. Requirements The input component will be a light-dependent resistor (LDR). This is a suitable input component as LDRs are used to detect light levels, hence it will convert changes in light levels into changes in electric current. ...read more.


Scale of production One circuit per product. Therefore I will create only one circuit. This increases simplicity and accuracy. Manufacturing Processes The product will have a PCB and I will utilize manufacturing processes such as soldering. This is because the automatic night light is liable to high quantities and therefore must be able to be mass produced. Materials Printed Circuit Board, electronic components such as LED, resistors, transistors, light dependent resistors and on/off switch. The components will create a circuit that fits the purpose of the product. Environment Each component can be removed and therefore reused if need be. This means that the product is good to the environment and can easily be disassembled if required. Cost No more than £3, which includes cost of solder, PCBs and components. Cheap and doesn’t greatly affect the overall cost of the product, hence the price can still attract customers. Final Evaluation The product shall meet all necessary demands and targets set. The final product shall be aesthetically pleasing, with a unisex design due to the non-specific gender of the product. There shall be no technical or physical faults with the manufacture, therefore improving skills. Safety and quality are important areas. At the end, in order to evaluate the product, the product will be measured to check dimensions, weighed to see if it meets the specification. To ensure no faults in the process of manufacturing the circuit, many tests shall be required to have been passed in order for it to be deemed ready and suitable. ...read more.

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