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Product Analysis - Cree LED Torch

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´╗┐Product Analysis: Cree LED Torch Form: The Longer section makes it easier to yet it is still compact, which allows it to be transported around or kept in a bag/pocket. The cylindrical design as well as making it easy to hold, makes it stronger as it is hard to compress this shape. A raised lip above the lens protects the glass from being scratched or cracked as well as making it easier to stand up. Materials and Component Requirement: The Cree LED should efficiently emit 200 lumens. The wires are made of conductive materials to allow electricity to flow through it. Inside there is a battery holder, which holds 3 AAA batteries to provide power for the light. ...read more.


However, the batteries aren?t rechargeable, and will have to be disposed when the batteries depleted. The life span of the product in whole is very long compared to other torches because of the type of LED chosen and the build quality. Function: This is a multi-purpose product because of the different Mode settings and multiple scenarios a torch is needed in. It can be used around the house for dark areas or power cuts for example. The brighter settings could be used for outdoor activities like Camping, and the Strobe light mode can be used to draw attention, or even ward off animals/ criminals (meaning it can also be used as a safety device). ...read more.


Performance Requirements: The main aim of this product is to give off light. This requirement is met because a high quality LED is being used which gives of light with efficiency, 14 times better than an incandescent light bulb and gives off a sufficient beam to light a large area of obscurity. As for Safety requirements, this product has the CE Mark, meaning it meets product compliance and standards of the EU legislate. Scales of Production and Cost: The scale of Production for this product is continuous and large scale as it is mass-produced to me sold across the globe, as a torch is an essential product which is always in demand. The torches cost £5 each. This price is justified because of the products efficiency, long life span, and quality materials used in its making. ...read more.

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