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Production of Documents.

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Production of Documents VGCSE Assignment Production of Letterhead 3 Software Used 3 How was it created 3 Sources of information 4 Fit for purpose 4 Production of invoice 4 Software Used 5 How was it created 5 Sources of information 5 Production of Letterhead After I had analysed my business documents I produced my own Letterhead considering everything I had analysed, we first made a rough copy then went over this, noticed our weaknesses and worked on these points. Software Used First I created my letterhead in a Desk Top publisher and saved this so I could use it as a template. I then wrote up the letter in a word processor, which I was going to use on this for an example and created margins as to where the letterhead was placed. I then could print off this letter over the top of the template to complete my document. I created the Logo in paint, but I got the picture from the clip art gallery, I added it to my template once I had completed the whole logo. ...read more.


My whole template was then complete, so I could now write over with any letter, at any time without all the hassle of creating the same document over and over again. Sources of information I wanted a simple but catchy logo like the NTL and petplan logos, as these caught your eye but weren't too overboard. I got my watermark idea from the NTL letterhead; I decided to use it as it makes the letter a little more interesting. I got the idea of the footer form the letterhead petplan as it was a bit more exciting than a plain footer and the idea of including a logo in the footer is a good idea. Fit for purpose I think that my letterhead is fit for purpose because it includes a logo, slogan and footer which were the main things that were in the other letters I analysed. I think it looks quite professional and the watermark picture livens up the letterhead a bit more. ...read more.


I then added in my own heading which I copied and pasted from another document, then just added in my address, telephone number, e-mail, etc next to my logo. I then copied and pasted in my footer and added in the information I needed into it. Next I took the colour from the footer and used it to fill in all the boxes that had the title in for each column. I then wanted to add in my watermark picture to make it look more professional, but it couldn't be seen behind the main invoice table, so I had to and go and make all the boxes see-through. I then decided the dividing lines looked better in bold as they showed up more because they blended in with the watermark picture. I lastly went over my entire invoice to make sure the correct information was in, like the headings and whether it included the word 'invoice'. So you were able to notice that this was an invoice document. Sources of information Production of Documents VGCSE Assignment Karra Rothery - 1 - ...read more.

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