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Solving business problems through design.

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DESIGN For Jo I am going to design: * A leaflet * Sticky labels * A system that will determine how much a pond will cost depending on the customer's preference on price and size. * A website * A system to find plants that will fit in a given area and its conditions. Design for the leaflet To the solve Jo's problem of the customers not knowing how to look after their purchased plants, I am going to create a 2 sided A4 leaflet. On the leaflet I am going to show instructions on how to grow the plant the customer buys. Also on the leaflet there should be the garden centres name and logo, its address and phone number. The leaflet should also contain a picture of the plant the customer has bought along with the plants common name and Latin name and instructions on what conditions it should be kept in, how and what to feed it, the biggest it will grow and its flowering period. These must all be on the same side. ...read more.


About 5cm I have decided to use this layout because it is clear and it complies with all the specifications set by Jo. These include the Latin name and common name, its eventual height and width, its flowering period and also the price of the plant, which are all contained on the label. To make the labels I will be using a database to make a system of finding the correct plants and the period of the year they flower in, which should be contained on the labels. To actually make the labels I will be using a DTP. I will be using Microsoft Access to create a database for finding the plants that flower in certain times of the year. For designing and creating the labels I will be using Microsoft publisher. I will be using Microsoft Access because it allows me to separate the plants into which period of the year they flower in and also allows me use the mail merge filter this is ideal for creating a label system to make the labels. ...read more.


I will be using Microsoft excel to make this system, I have chosen this software to solve the problem because it allows me to calcute sums quicly and easily, It is easy to use, You can edit the calculations you have made in the past ifd you need to. This makes the software Ideal because as stated before the custmoers may change there minds on some of the variables and size of pond. I will be using the features in this software such as being able to work out calclulations and formulas to find a simpler way of finding the correct pond kit for a customers. I will use the features such as Auto-sum to work out equations. I will be using the editing to change the equations so that the customer can change there mind. This option will also mean that there will be no mistakes in the equations. Also the edit features will allow me to change the sums and formulas so that the customers final selection comes quicker. I will test my final design by entering the sizes of a pond requested by someone and if I get the correct result then it will prove that my design has been a succes. Ben Woodward 10RH ...read more.

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