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They need a plant information leaflet.

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Problem 1: They need a plant information leaflet. Form of output: a leaflet the customer can take home. Information to be output: * A picture of the plant * The plant name, * Instructions for growing, * The garden centre's name, * Address, phone number and logo. * Also there must be information about the opening hours, range of products and at least one garden photo. The data needed to produce the output * A disk that is provided by Jo provides the information such as the pictures of the plants, name of the plants, instructions for growing, range of products, and facts about the agave americana. The logo * A business card provides the garden centre's name, address and number, opening hour times Desired outcome and criteria * Leaflet must be in colour and well laid out * Latin plant names must be in italics * Making sure that the picture is the right one * Make sure that the picture is under the same name of ...read more.


* Labels must not be too big, must have a colourful border and logo on them * Labels need to be about 5cm high and about 9cm wide Testing:Needed * Make labels for summer plants and check if I get the right ones Problem 3: Working out the cost of the pond kit Form of output: An excel worksheet Information to be output: * Minimum and maximum price * Minimum and maximum size of pond The data needed to produce the output * Prices, sizes * Length of pond liner = (2.5 x depth of pond) + length of pond * Total cost = length x width x cost per square metre * 4.40 per square metre * Underliner = 90p a square metre * 5 bunches of underwater plants every square metre Desired outcomes and performance criteria * Number of plant packs and bunches must be whole numbers (rounded up if needed) ...read more.


make sure it's the right one * Each page needs a heading, list of plant names must be on the right page and Latin name must be in italics * Address and phone number must be on the home page with the name and garden centre photo Testing: Is needed Check if all the pages link to each other Problem 5: They want to know what plants will be suitable for them Form of output: A database Information to be output: * Plants height * Plants width * Plants light requirements The data needed to produce the output: * The data is on the file Desired outcomes and performance criteria * System must be easy to use * List must have garden centres name, logo and the light that is needed. This must be on one a4 pages * Must have column headings * Must only print the fields: common name, max height, max width and flowering periods Testing: Is needed Shane Haron Set Board Assignment Year 10 1 ...read more.

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