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Autobiography of Iron

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Hi. I am Gold. I have been around since the beginning of time, but humans started to use me only 3000 years ago. Now, do not think that you can just beat me up. Although I am soft and weak, I can be stretched into a fine wire that is hardly visible to you guys. I can be transformed into one of the strongest metal on Earth by only adding an ingredient known as Carbon. I am the most abundant metal in the universe, but I seem to hug my best friend, Magnet, as soon as it comes anywhere near me. However, I sometimes become its enemy and do not attract with it. Those things do not happen normally because I am a relatively cool person. ...read more.


Besides that bozo, Oxygen, I react and bond with more elements than any other metal. I am a positive person and a respectful donator amongst us metals. I sometimes give my valance electrons to other non-metals. Depending how much stock the non-metal needs to become full, I give away one of 79 electrons. About 1 out of 130 of my atoms are like my clones. Those "fancy" scientists like to call them my isotopes. That is some weird language for "another form of an element." I have 18 of them. The most abundant one includes Gold 199. However, if I do get lost my parents come finding me in Australia, South Africa or the US. There I am mostly found, sometimes mixed with other impurities in a compound with silver, nickel or iron. ...read more.


My cousins who are married to silver, platinum and copper say that we have a high density of 19.3 compared to the non-metals and the metalloids. For those of you who want to see me sometime, my skin tone is yellowish orange. I have many special talents. Hmmm, maybe that is why I have so many friends or considered the most wanted metal. I am of critical importance to ladies. They use me as jewellery to show off to other people. So, I am not really as bony as I look. Now that you know how attractive I am, some of you ladies might be saying to yourself, "Where can I find this amazing guy?" Well, you can always find me in mines deep under the earth's crust. Anyways I have to go now. I am about to be worn by my owner ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Reviews of Personal Performances section.

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