Analysis of Esteban Trueba

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Analysis of Esteban Trueba, chapters 1, 2 & 3

    “The House of the Spirits” is the novel written by a Chilean writer, Isabel Allende. This intensely moving, both entertaining and deeply serious novel was Allende’s first one which she fulfilled with romance and tragedy, extravagance and cruelty, magic and reality. This unforgettable piece of work is a remarkable achievement which manipulates its readers, making them demand for more.

    Esteban Trueba is the central male character in the novel. “He was a big-boned…walked with a long stride, and moved with energy; he appeared to be very strong…had a very agreeable face, despite his severe, somber demeanor and his frequently sour expression.” Violence was one of the traits he possessed since his childhood, “when he used to throw himself on the floor foaming at the mouth, so furious that he could scarcely breathe, and kicking like one possessed by the devil.”

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    In the beginning of the book we get to know that he is a loner, the person who lived “for so long far removed from civilization”. His father was an alcoholic who made Esteban suffer terribly, and this was the reason for him to become a teetotaler. His mother was overtaken by chronic sicknesses and their house had been always encompassed by the smell of medicine. Those were the times when his life was occupied by the deterioration of his family, and, accordingly, there was absolutely no understanding between the members of his kin. When Esteban bought a ...

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