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Biography of Arpan.

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Biography of Arpan Dear reader, here is a story, a story worth telling like any other, a story about a girl called Arpan. In this story, I guarantee you will discover more than people tend to discover while watching discovery channel. This person whom I will be chatting about today is not someone like your ordinary next door neighbour; in fact she is quite the opposite. You will soon find out why. Well first of all, this individual has a huge variety of characteristics unlike any other. What she seemed to me from the outside was in reality completely diverse on the outside. If I was to name a vegetable that would best describe and embody this person, what might that vegetable be?? Why it would be a potato of course. The reason behind this very fascinating answer is that a potato has a thin layer which covers the outside and can be peeled off quite effortlessly, and on the inside it is clean and pure. ...read more.


But she would actually say yes! Clearly, this shows us the immense energy and liveliness that burns inside Arpan. She is always very cheerful for one reason or another, not only that but from what I have learnt, she can also be very colourful and talkative (in a good way of course). Thus, I have concluded that the bird parrot would best describe her. When asked for a school subject that would relate to her the most, it turned out to be mathematics! She is full of surprises really... the reason for choosing this subject is because Arpan loves problem solving and is always looking to fix and straighten things out in life. If something was to go wrong, then she would go ahead and try and fix it herself before asking others for help. As far as my knowledge goes about Arpan, she enjoys nothing more than listening to rap music. ...read more.


Something very much related to this discovery is that if she found $1,000,000 lying on the street just like that, she would keep it all and spend it slowly...bit by bit. This is related to invisibility because all this money would enable her to do absolutely anything she wants in life just like invisibility. True? Good. Let's move on. Arpan shows and feels great love, care and passion for her hometown...India. Let us pretend that a genie was to pop up out of nowhere and give her one wish, that wish would be to go back to her birthplace India and stay there forever. Likewise, if Arpan found a free air ticket to any destination on earth, she would choose to go to India and never come back. To conclude all of the above, I would say that Arpan is a very unique person who loves her friends, loves her hometown India, is sensitive and fast-paced in life and is always full of energy. There is no way I will ever look at her the same way again. Hamza M ...read more.

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