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Breaking Up: How to get out alive!

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Christine Stead Dwayne Hackett English 1110 February 7, 2005 Breaking Up: How to get out alive! Let's face it; breaking up is hard to do. Unless you're a masochist, you likely don't want to hurt someone else's feelings. And unless you're a sadist, you don't want to stay in a relationship that's not working for you. But extricating yourself without anyone getting hurt is no simple task. It takes skill, finesse, and a thorough understanding of "the three steps." Step 1, would be choosing the medium in which one wishes to use. Today, breaking up tends to fall into three distinct mediums: in person, by phone, or email. But not all three work for every situation. ...read more.


Email is usually done when you've been out once or twice, and you're just not that into it. Jot down a quick email, hit send, and the job is done. Really, at that early stage, it's all you owe them. There is one more option that falls under Step 1 that I haven't mentioned, and that is avoidance. It's what we'd all like to do, but is only acceptable if you've been on a date or two and not yet slept together, I repeat, not yet slept together. However, be forewarned if you're a guy: Women analyze everything, and she will undoubtedly do so with your silence as well. These are some of the thoughts that will come to her mind, "maybe he wants me to call him" or "perhaps his feelings are so strong for me that he's scared;" so you may not get off that easy. ...read more.


you're not ready for a relationship, you're going through a hard time, you need to focus on your career, etc.) will make for a smooth breakup. Take the fall and you'll walk away relatively unscathed. If you thought you were done at Step 2, you've likely never been through a breakup before, because for many, it does not end there. Whatever tactic you choose for Step 1, and whatever you decide to say in Step 2, it must still be clear that the relationship is o-v-e-r! Sometimes we may be inclined to leave the proverbial door open, either to leave options open for ourselves or to soften the blow of the breakup for the other. But this is dangerous territory. So the final step is to be clear, be strong, and don't leave any room for negotiation. Ultimately, you'll be doing both of you a favor. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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