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car crash

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Car crash Purpose- entertain Audience- very mixed, ages sixteen to nineteen Mode- written Tenor- formal Point of view- giving an experience The wind slapped my face with its fierce long finger. The bass echoed in my ears and suddenly I felt the rush of excitement hit my body with a vengeance like lightning hitting an electric wire. The rush pelted the gleaming window depth of the night grew deeper. The ferocious rain is thumping the stainless glass like American troops bombarding the innocent civilians of Iraq. I was unable to see a single soul through my blurred vision. The joy I was witnessing was incredible, as the thrill is beyond my wildest imagination. I was astonished by the transition in my attitude as I had previously objected and pleaded with my 'homies' 'no' to steal my neighbour's vehicle, but my pleas were left unheard. We had waited for hours and hours. Everything was planned to a great deal and we determined not to fail. Finally, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the posh and humble family vacated the premises and we were able to carry out our master plan. We moved gently towards the object of our devocious plan, and there it was, straight from heaven she was a beauty. The luxurious white leather struck my eyes like a beautiful woman exhibiting voluptuous curves. The glamorous rims reflected the shiny rays of the gleaming moon. My fascination fell prey to the flexile contours of the flawlessly built car. ...read more.


despites the lord's riches, this castle was mote merely a display of wealth, it had another purpose. A far more deadly purpose. (The) Caerphilly castle was meant as a weapon of war. It was considered a technological breakthrough in the act of the military strategy. As we look around the castle today you will see detail, every stone and every block was designed for defence in war. Now if you'd like to follow me ladies and gentleman, I shall show you the castles entrance. Caerphilly is one of the most magnificent castles in Britain. Not only in strength but in size - Caerphilly is second only to Windsor castle. Now a huge castle needs a large and sturdy defence. As we see here - no expense was spared in defending this castle. This spectacular structure in Caerphilly's doubled drawbridge. And you can see either side, there are the tavering walks and platforms defending the main body of the castle it definitely would take an army to get beyond these massive walls, don't you think? That is if they made it past the surrounding moat! As we walk through the castle, I'll explain a little about Caerphilly use of water. Amazingly as well as the moat, the castle is surrounded by moa sakes and lakes. This is yet another example of defence within the grounds. The use of drawbridge and moats queue after concepts to keep the enemy out. Now unfortunately the defence didn't help poor king Edward 11 very much. ...read more.


For instance, the simple sentences which has been used create emotive language is almost thrown at the readers 'and they were all shot dead'. As the text follows on, in the second paragraphs, more emotive language has been used but this time it almost makes the readers feel guilty because of the use of the compound sentence. 'The very fact that you are reading this flyer, suggest you are unlike most people around the world today'. This makes the reader think that the human rights we receive today has been taken for granted. However the writer very cleverly chooses these words because they can carry on reading further, he has just been talking about personal experience which makes it really effective. Emotive lexis has been used throughout the text to get the readers more engage on the campaign. Nouns such as 'torture' have been used to create anxiety between the readers. However the simple sentence which has been used as a declarative 'worse than physical abuse' makes the reader feel sorry for the people who were used in this leaflet. The use of using the peoples name in this leaflet makes it sound more realistic and more emotional 'Pablo Pacheco serving a twenty year sentence jus for doing there job' its almost asking a rhetorical question towards the readers what if this was you? This makes it effective because of some the adjectives which are used to describe the innocent people 'shot dead' this creates imagery in the readers mind as to how civilian are dieing for expressing there own feelings. millions of children die everyday all because they do not have facilties like we do ...read more.

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