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Drama Piece - The Explosion.

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Drama Piece The Explosion. The sound of a loud explosion comes from the back of the stage, dim lights come on to show a girl lying on the right of the stage, her cloths are torn and dirty and she has blood on her face. Girl: Someone...is anyone there...anyone? [Begins shouting lowering volume as she talks] [Two soldiers appear on the left on the stage moving towards the centre and slowly look at there surroundings] Soldier1: Oi, look what I found....there's another one down 'ere [moves towards the girl cautiously] Girl: Thank god...help me, I think I've broken my leg...I don't know where my family are..I haven't seen them since the last explosion [slowly turns her head to look at the person ...read more.


girl pityingly] [Soldier1 laughs unpleasantly and give his friend a dirty look] Soldier1: Going soft are ya....[nudges the girl with his foot] Oi, can you walk? Girl: Please don't take me away I..., I want to see my family [Soldier1 continues to laugh quietly and roughly pulls her to her feet, she cries out in pain and starts to fall again, soldier2 catches her and holds her up] Soldier2: Come on it's not far [quietly to the girl] I'll help you. [Soldier1 walks towards the left of the stage quickly leaving them slightly behind him] Girl: I, I don't think I can go much further, my head it's...I think I hit it when I fell. ...read more.


Girl: Please...can't we stop? I'm so tired. Soldier2: We're almost there, just five more minutes. Girl: Can we look for my family when we get there? [Soldier2 looks down at the floor and answers while avoiding her eyes and kicking at the ground] Soldier2: We might do, after you've seen the squad, you'll be with your family... [Girl smiles up at him obviously not understanding the meaning of his words] Girl: Thank you [ The girl staggers and falls to the ground and lies very still. Soldier2 starts to pull her up and then kneels beside her and turns her over. He checks her pulse at her neck and shaking his head slowly get to his feet and walks away. The lights fade on the stage. The End By Katie Allen ...read more.

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