Drama - Essay about our group piece on cyberbullying.

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Evaluation of performance: Bullying

When my group was assigned I was bit concerned as well as happy. We had two members of the group that were consistently messing around; it was disruptive. This action of those two members had an impact on our decision making of what we should do. Eva came up with a brilliant idea. Amanda Todd; fifteen year old girl who has been blackmailed and cyberbullied by an anonymous man, who ruined her life which ended with a tragedy. We have chosen this story as it sends out vigorous message to the audience. This was a perfect story to write about as it was based on a true story. Our group numerous of ideas of how could we set this out. However, we went with Eva’s idea, because it was the most powerful,effective, vigorous way to give out this message. Eva has told us that she will be writing the script, and handing out the roles. We have all agreed and were grateful that she will be doing the script as we could've then concentrated on actual workshop. First of all we’ve made a plan of the lesson. We’ve done this by all members of the group writing their own suggestions of the lesson. Afterwards we have shared our plan, then extracted best parts/suggestions of the lesson and combined it into one piece. We’ve showed teamwork in early stages of our “adventure” to advocate consequences,misery,affliction of cyberbullying. Sorting out the timings was considerably hard; we wouldn’t know, how long the pieces of the lesson would take, the only solution to this problem was to estimate on average how long each piece would take. While we were doing this task, Eva started to give out roles,who will bring sweets on the day (a reward for the most contributing actor and actress; would make the people work harder to gain the reward),who will organize the background music, who is going to research some information/facts about cyber bullying. We could say that Eva was our leader and she was giving out the orders; everyone had something to do.

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As Eva started to begin creating the script, we all had gained our information, got our equipment we needed, and were ready. In the next lesson our group have not agreed on some scenes Eva wanted to do, we communicated with each other and came up with a solution which benefited our whole group (suited more likely). At the beginning it was very hard as two of our group members were very interruptive and distracting, because of this few people got stressed and very short tempered including myself. We have dealt with this situation by threatening them that ...

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