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Fame at any price- drama coursework

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Fame at any price Response phase: Basically, this workshop was all about us learning to deal with situations in the celebrities. First off, we brought in lots of celebrity magazines like 'Sugar', 'Heat' etc, to try and make out from stories what kind of situations a celebrity might have to deal with, and how they react to the paparazzi, and ordinary people. This would have helped us realise that just because they are a celebrity, does not mean they have to be known to the entire world, because if we were in their shoes, it would be extremely annoying. We then had to get into groups and make up a situation where the celebrity was near the public and trying the best to hide themselves, and keep as little people near them as possible. I got in a group with Charlotte, Sophie D'eath and Sophie Moore. Me and Sophie were ordinary people in the small sizes clothes shop, just casually looking at gorgeous shoes and tops, and there was also a shop worker and the celebrity. who came in casually looking at clothes. I saw her, and went mad with excitement, whereas Sophie just left her alone. The shop worker was trying her best to keep me away from her, for the celebrity was getting very annoyed with me, for I kept on hassling her for her autograph. In the end, I got chucked out. This drama piece would also made us of realise that if someone wants your attention, no matter how many people there are protecting you, they will always try their best to get what they want. For this we used role play where we pretend to be somebody else and understand their thoughts, feelings and emotions. When I got pushed out the shop away from the celebrity, I felt quite annoyed and upset, for it was the first time I saw her in real life, and I would probably never get to see her ever again. ...read more.


The forms we used for this were mostly thought tracking again, when the wife was saying how she id not want to lose her adopted daughter or her husband, because she loved them, and it helped us in this piece to show all sides of the story, and why different roles in this piece do things or lie to loved ones, usually in this case to protect, care for and avoid heartbreak and anger. We also had to act out the most effective pieces when the celebrity came to the adopted mothers house. We did the celebrity at the front door to show the mothers tension, the dinner table to show celebrities influence on daughter, celebrities arm round daughter to show anger of adopted mother, the mother at dinner table looking angry at celebrity to show husbands suspicion and dad comforting adopted mother with child to show how worried the mother is of celebrity taking daughter away from them. We used thought tracking and freeze frame to really show how different people feel, and the solutions other people want but they know will never happen, because of something better influencing others. There would have been a lot of tension between the mother and the celebrity because the mother felt like the celebrity was quickly dragging the daughter away, for fame an fortune compared to the mother who saw herself as boring and ordinary, which she thought was a huge disadvantage. The mother would also have found it really hard to hold back certain emotions when the celebrity is taking her adopted daughter away. She was also worried that the husband would find the celebrity more attractive than she was, for the husband would have seen the celebrity as glamorous, beautiful, well dresses and exciting and the wife as boring, plain an simple. She was afraid she would be left alone. The development phase My letter was about telling the husband that the child was not really his. ...read more.


The worst part of the workshop for me was doing the letter from the adopted wife to husband. I found it really hard to deal with certain emotions, and how to write about them. I also found it hard to stop the pressure in the wife's writing, for it was hard to literally tell what had really happened. We evaluated Stephanie Charles group on the script we made for them, which was all about an award that the celebrity had won, and how some people admired her for her talent, and how some people hated her for being so selfish. In the end, the celebrity got really annoyed with al the attention, and bored with all the rewards, for she had had lots. She wanted something better than a reward. They needed help on the celebrity sounding really happy for herself when she won the reward, and the audience really complicating in their facial expressions and actions to show that they hated her, or admired her. The social influences have been how the celebrity acts around other people, whether they are ordinary or not, and it has taught me how to let other people have their own space when they need it, and how a celebrity feels when other people constantly gather round them just for being famous. Historical influences have been how different people remember the celebrities in their own way. It has taught me how to tell memories of other people considering on how you care for them, whether you like them or not, or it could influence other peoples thoughts on them. From all this I can conclude that famous people go through really hard lives and we never know it. No matter how many pictures you see of them or how many stories you read about them, they will never reveal absolutely everything. Some things people will never know unless they are a good friend or a nearby relative, or just simply a normal person involved. ...read more.

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