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How is the main interior, the Berling's dining room portrayed in the 1940s film version?

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How is the main interior, the Berling's dining room portrayed in the 1940s film version? From banqueting halls in medieval castles to the dining rooms in modern homes people have set aside at least one room in their dwellings to entertain guests. Dining rooms are used to discuss important matters over dinner and for families to spend a portion of their daily time together as a family unit. The Berlings' dining room is portrayed as a comfortable place to be in a family scene. People always feel the need to give a good impression so what better place to make memorable than the room of elaborate meals and family get-togethers. ...read more.


Something of this cost would be remembered and helps to project wealth. The owner of such a d�cor could be complimented for it being an extravagant item in the house or for adding a classical touch to the ambience of the dining room. The second most important feature is the drinks in the decanters. At least one of them most probably contains wine, as this has been the most popular drink with meals since the days of the Romans. A suitable wine for the occasion and meal shows good taste especially if the origin is considered exquisite. Some examples that would fit this description include the French Chardonnay, the Spanish Cava Brut and the Port from Portugal on which Mr Birling prides himself. ...read more.


As with this essay, one usually comments on the ornaments and pleasantries before the more practical features whose absence would not go unnoticed. These are the wallpaper and carpet. The carpet is a sensible instalment for Britain's cold winters whereas the wallpaper and the additional oak panelling are purely presentational and very Victorian. They show that people are always reminiscent of the past beneath their stylish views and embellishments. Overall the dining room is portrayed as Victorian but with several contemporary adjustments to 1912. It depicts the owner as one who prides himself on charming his guests into a pleasant stay or to simply enjoy his company in an elegant dinner. A socialist, however, would only give credit to the owner for hiring able servants and for marrying a wife with good taste. ...read more.

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